Busy with Sunshine

Quiet Slump

CyanIs this not an interesting range of blues? Apparently this array of colors was developed to describe the sky - way, way back sometime in the 30's by a German scientist (wish I had kept the original url!). I like the idea, of course, being so fond of blue skies. :) Can you imagine trying to dye fabric with that many graduations of blue? :)

The past few days have been quiet here. I've been fighting with the sleep demons again .. missed my Sew&Tell meeting last Sunday by sleeping right through the afternoon. Grrr! I am alternately waking up at the crack of dawn and the early afternoon. I think my diurnal clock is definitely haywire. :P

I did manage to get to the Sip&Sew zoom meeting with my modern quilt making buddies on Wednesday evening. Whew! Every one needs some laughter in their lives. :)

While I chatted, I started working on my newest applique kit, bought recently from Springwater Designs. Here is an in-progress photo:

Acorns in progressCan you see the acorns with their little caps? Since I took this pic, I've added the stems on every little nut and cut out the background fabric squares. Next step, when I get to sew again, is to start sewing them down to the backgrounds. I am enjoying this simple seasonal project (hope it is _still_ seasonal when I finish it!:).

Here is what it is _supposed_ to end up looking like, when done:

WholeSorry about the light circle - had to use my camera's flash due to low light in my sewing room. I did not think the matte paper surface would reflect like that. :) Could not seem to find an angle that would avoid the flash spot and still give a decent view of the quilt pattern. Sigh.

I've been reading again - more comfort stuff - and cooking meals ... and vegetating. Time to kick myself back into motion and sew some!

:) Linda


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