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63997456_3_x-1HOORAY! The election has been decided. Whew! I don't talk about politics much here ... but I am seriously a progressive and am thrilled that The Donald is on his way out. My husband is worried and pessimistic that the transition will be ... awful .... at best. I have my fingers crossed. :)

I spent this past weekend at a virtual quilting retreat with my Baltimore Modern guild pals ... we traveled to visit other modern quilt makers in Sao Paulo, Brasil, Mumbai, India, London, England and Honolulu, Hawaii. So cool!! Jenn and Megan, the retreat organizers, actually emailed modern quilters in those cities and got info about their quilt making worlds. Fascinating! The next best thing to being there, as they say. :)

Meanwhile, as I 'traveled,' I worked on my White Elephant Swap mini quilt for an InstaGram exchange. The story behind this design is pretty simple. Several years ago I admired and photographed the fabric made into scrubs that one of my personal doctor's nurses was wearing ... and finally have gotten to adapt the design to be my own. Here are some photos of the top I made, working from Friday through Sunday afternoon.


This is the entire top - it's about 18"x24" or so (I haven't actually measured it, yet). I used machine applique (with 'fancy' stitches), hand applique, and hand embroidery. This photo makes the blues look darker than they really are - they're quite bright, sapphire blue.



This is a close up to show the blue wool circles with the simple embroidery I did on them. The smaller orange circles are quilting fabric; the lime green circles are wool, too.



I couched hand dyed cotton soft braid down to make the stems with a herringbone stitch. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty. :) 

I like the way this design turned out. I have to quilt it, now (probably very organically) and finish it, ready to ship out at the end of this month. I do think I will make another version for myself sometime in the future ... maybe with more embroidery and beading.

The weather is glorious outside - perfect fall days in the high 60s, low 70s for temperature, blue  skies and lavish sunshine (even though the days are getting shorter). I have to go outside to enjoy it a bit today. 

:) Linda


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