Happy Christmas!
Quiet Week

Boxing Day

What-Is-Boxing-Day-Learn-About-the-English-HolidayToday is the traditional holiday known in the England-associated countries as Boxing Day. I had never heard of this holiday until I was well into adulthood - at first, I could not figure out why anyone would particularly want to spar so near Christmas (symbolic celebration of peace and goodwill:). LOL. Go read about the tradition and learn. :)

It was sunny for most of the afternoon today and I soaked some of it up happily in my sewing room. Being Saturday, my Columbia Friends group met via Zoom and chatted while we sewed. I worked for a while with my new Hexiforms

I bought two kinds - 60 degree diamonds 2" on each side and 'flower petal' Dresden shapes in about the same scale. I pulled out the diamonds and fussy cut a star and then the surrounding set of diamonds. I think I will work rounds until I use up all the shapes I purchased and see how they develop. For now, I put them in a project case beside my sewing machine after the zoom.

I really need to go back to binding my two remaining quilted items - my Aboriginal improv medallion and the Crazy Floating blocks, both of which my friend Daria long-armed. I had already made the binding (single fold with flange) for the improv quilt so that's what I started with around 3 or 4 this afternoon. 

I managed to get the first round of sewing done - onto the back of the quilt - by the time I got tired:
BindingSee, here I sewed on the binding to the back of my quilt (I forget that Aboriginal print's name - something basic like Bush Tucker, maybe?). Tomorrow I will sew the flange down along all four sides of the front and be finished with my quilt. Goodie!!

I used all the backing fabric that Daria trimmed off when she squared up my quilt to make the binding ... and did not measure it (figured I'd deal with any shortage if/when it happened). Luckily, I had JUST enough:

ChickenI had about 6" left when I finished the entire perimeter! Binding chicken and I won! :) Lucky!!

I forgot about the Xmas gifts my daughter sent us ... heaven knows why ... so we'll have a delayed unboxing tomorrow (what a way to extend the holiday).

:) Linda


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