More Happy Sunshine
Rain, Rain


Women beforeI choose this quote for my post because today I managed to take (happy) part in not one but two communities of women artists and artisans. 

At noon I attended a zoom meeting of the Handmade Book Club, led by Ali from New England. I recently joined this group (annual dues) which, on reflection, reminds me quite a bit of a quilt guild but oriented around making books from scratch. The meeting today included a break out chat with nine of us from across the US (MD, IL, CA, ID, etc), Mexico, Canada and the UK. So interesting to hear the real voices (anything I read in blogs or text are said with my voice:) and experiences of women around the world. :) Ali also talked about her plans for monthly projects, retreats, challenges and classes in the new year. Fun!

Then, right away again at 1:30 p.m. I zoomed to the scheduled monthly meeting of the Baltimore Modern quilt guild. We had a very interesting speaker - Mary Fons - with life stories and a trunk show. We played Quilt Jeopardy (thanks to Kathy Schwabeland) ... and shared the results of our recent secret sewist swap. Again, really fun!

Other than that, I got to soak up a third day of wonderful warm sunshine in my sewing room (though I did no sewing:), eat happily and read more books. I gave up reading 'real' books a number of years ago in favor of digital ones. I LOVE to read and I just could not deal with the physical accumulation of pages any more. My digital library grows every month - though I do occasionally wonder about the wisdom of spending money on things that cannot be inherited. Sigh.

Looking forward to tomorrow. It will be a new day.

:) Linda


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