Rain, Rain

Definite Progress

Corner miterI made sewing progress today! This is a teaser photo of one corner I bound today on a grandson's Halloween quilt. :) Each of them is getting a Halloween quilt for Christmas. LOL. I am very pleased with my binding - it turned out exactly as I envisioned it ... even _with_ the interruptions I had to deal with.

The first distraction came with my bariatric classes. Major sighs there! I was _supposed_ to attend classes one and two today (via Zoom). That did not happen because I never received the email-with-link letter as promised. Don't know why ... they supposedly had my correct email address and I DID receive the you-are-registered initial emails. Soooo, we rescheduled yet again ... and I sure hope they get their act together (NO, the email is not in my junk folder, or any other place I can find; not a newbie here). 

Then back to sewing ... next distraction was our grocery order arriving on the front door step courtesy of Ruth K, our DoorDash shopper. God Bless Her! (yes, I gave her a good tip) Bringing in and putting away groceries took a while, followed by eating lunch ... with attendant crossword solving and InstaGram skimming, as per usual. :)

Then I had to go out to a doctor's (in-person) appointment. When I showed up, it turned out that the doctor had been called out on an emergency. Nurse _said_ she had called in the morning to tell me but I never got the call (somewhere there is a puzzled person wondering about the odd call:). That was about 45 minutes wasted on travel. At least there was lots of sunshine to soak up and I did get in some walking exercise.

Finally back to my sewing room to finish the binding by late afternoon. Unfortunately it was too late to take the quilt out to photo ... hence the teaser. Better pics tomorrow.

We might get heavy weather tomorrow - rain or maybe snow/ice. Have to wait and see. Maybe I'll be lucky and I'll get another day in the sewing room?!

:) Linda


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