Summary Day 3
Still Flittering

Flittering By

Here's a hint about what I've been sewing today. :) If you click on the picture you can go read about a butterfly museum somewhere in Colorado. Years ago when my Mom and Dad took us to Calloway Gardens in Georgia, we visited the butterfly sanctuary there. One of the most memorable trips of my life - so! much! fun! :)

Today dawned sunny but descended into gray cloudy drizzle by evening. I did manage to start sewing on my next deadline project but did not get enough finished to share today. I have a sew-in zoom meeting tomorrow so maybe I can have a photo by finish time? :)

Are you paying attention to the Virtual Quilt Festival in Houston? I am - went to a lecture (via Zoom) yesterday and have been visiting the exhibits. Have not entered the vendor area, yet - looking forward to that! :)

Gotta go grocery shopping again tomorrow. :P

:) Linda


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