Winter Solstice


QEIII have a passion for buttons, beads and other small sparkly objects. No wonder I find this art piece attractive, eh? :) The artist, Jane Perkins, makes her work from recycled items including beads, shells, buttons, etc. I think it is quite impressionist and maybe even pointillist. If you click on Elizabeth's picture, you can go see more of Jane's work. 

I spent most of today doing absolutely nothing productive. Sigh. I even managed to sleep through my regular Friday Sewing Together zooms. The weather is heavily gray, overcast and cold - maybe that accounts for my torpidity? I woke up around 9:15 this morning and did manage to attend a FB live program with my book making club (Ali taught us to make a really nice hard-sided notebook holder). 

Unfortunately, after I ate lunch I fell sound asleep in my chair and completely missed my afternoon zooms. Sigh. I look forward to sewing with Patty and Barbara all week. My bad! Even awake in the late afternoon, I only managed to read and do a bit of Web surfing (hence the photo above).

Another fun thing I found today I will share instead of sewing progress:

AdorableAren't these little babies adorable?!? Made by a Russian artist named Elizabeth, they are needle felted. If you click on the pic, you can go see more cuteness of her making. Completely, utterly adorable. :)

Otherwise, no progress on any front (except my books-read-this-year count I guess). Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

:) Linda


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