Summary Day 3

Marathon Day 2


Here is an extreme example of recycling - this lady uses bottle caps to create beautiful mosaic patterns on and inside her home. Imagine!! She lives in rural Russia, her name is Olga (so was my mother's:), and she is definitely a creative. Click on the photo to go see more pictures and read about her. Inspiring!

Today was another strange one, schedule-wise. I woke up at 2 p.m. which is a bit late in the day, still. I managed to eat some lunch (leftovers sandwich:) and read for a while. My usual post-lunch routine is to do the USA Today crossword puzzle (I have an app) and check in on Instagram for my visual inspiration of the day. Then I try to do some work on re-ordering and de-crapifying my house or maybe sew for a couple of hours.

Today, I fell asleep again. Grr! Woke up around 5:30. THEN I went off to do some work. Tidied for a bit, read a while, but could not concentrate. Stared at the sunshine outside my window. Eventually I remembered that today is Wednesday and that my guild's zoom Sip&Sew is at 7 p.m. tonight. YEAH!

There was a good turnout for the zoom and I managed to sew during our chat. I have the fifth go-round of my FCQ round robin package to work on. This time we are supposed to take the four blocks made previously (four very nice stars in my case) and assemble them into some kind of layout. I decided to set the blocks I was given on point in a line ... so I first had to figure out what size half and quarter square triangles to cut to create the setting.

My brain was not computing very well so I ended up consulting Google and finding a chart for what sizes to cut. Whew! Carefully, carefully I cut the parts out ... measuring twice before cutting, etc. When I cannot do math, I often cannot cut accurately either. :P But I got it done and started in to sew.

I guess I paid correct amounts of attention to detail because so far the thing is sewing up easily and looks correct. I got two and a half of the four blocks set together during the hour and a half zoom chat. I'll go on working tomorrow (fingers crossed). Another thing I have learned about myself is to quit sewing when I'm tired - otherwise I make stupendously stupid mistakes. :)

I won a book from an online drawing from C&T Publishing recently and I finally got to download it today. Just browsing through, I'm eager to try some of the designs inside! Here's the info:


Click on the book cover pic above and go read about it - looks like a good one! :)

I also called the bariatric offices today and made arrangements to take the preparatory classes yet again. Long irritating story, the result of which is that I have to repeat most of the steps to get to my surgery. Sigh. Duty must, I guess.

I hope the sun shines tomorrow!

:) Linda


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