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Squarepattern36Have you ever noticed the similarity between paving and/or tiling patterns and patchwork designs? I certainly have. :) I know people copy elaborate tiled floors from cathedrals, etc., to make quilt designs. Next time you look at bricks, think about how they might work. If you click on the diagram above you can go read about installing brick pathways and such. I, myself, am partial to the 'Stack Bond (variation)' design above. :)

Today was another glorious SUNNY day here in eastern Maryland. I woke up around 9:45 this morning and bounced straight up out of bed. Breakfast and then sewing in my sunny work space. :) I finished sewing up both of the Halloween quilt bindings:

BindingsI rolled them both up in the orientation that I need for attachment sewing (thanks to my friend Barbara for her experienced wisdom on how to do this correctly:).

I didn't have the gumption to start actually sewing on the bindings ... and I was chatting with my modern Columbia area quilting buddies on Zoom ... so I started fiddling about with two pieces of fabric I discovered in my endless piles of stuff (I _think_ these came off a freebie table at one of my guilds; they look like vintage fabric designs).

ChiffonsCan you see the two different prints? The top one has a black background with large red and gray roses ... the bottom one is gold and red-orange asters on a blue ground. I had about one yard of each one by maybe 40" width each. About enough for two scarves ... so I decided to make one infinity scarf and one rectangular scarf from each print. Neither are colors I would usually wear ... so I'm not sure who I will gift them to ... but the fabrics are too pretty to dump. :)

I made a tubed French seam on one length of the roses print ... and could not recall how to sew the tube ends together correctly. Sigh. While I was working, I got the bright idea of ordering some beaded fringe to sew onto the rectangular ones (at the short ends) ... so diverted off to find a place on Etsy that sells lots of colors of same and ordered two lengths of (hopefully) nice colors to finish each fabric scarf. Fingers crossed on that as the online pictures of colors were, um, inadequate. 

I will have to consult YouTube to find a decent video of making infinity scarves before I reconvene this project - you'd think such ideas would stick to me (I had no trouble at all remembering how to sew French seams even though it has been ages since I did that, too). Sigh.

Other than my sewing (and sunshine absorbing), I made a casserole for supper tonight which we all yummed up .. and read two books. I have now equaled reading the number of books I did in all of last year (100). There's a couple weeks more in this year left to exceed my previous record.

:) Linda


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