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Last Gasp of 2020

Nearing the End

Kirie-art-paper-cutting-octopus-masayo-fukuda-japan-2-1This is a single sheet of paper, cut into exquisite bits by artist Masayo Fukuda. I think I have probably shared her work before here ... luscious, detailed, lacy, astounding! Click her name and go see more of her intriguing paperwork.

The sunshine was bright and warm through the windows of my sewing room this afternoon, just the way I enjoy it best. :) I started off my sewing day with some sorting and 'filing':


These are (mostly) fat quarters I have 'found' as I am picking up my stuff from around the house (trying to contain my enthusiasm within just one room:). Many of them are 1930s-era prints gifted to me by my Aunt Ruby (my father's only living sister). Somewhere in my stuff is a half-finished set of blocks in the Anita's Arrowhead pattern that I will use most of these fqs to sew. There is a generous assortment of other prints sprinkled in as well. :) Now to find a drawer for them all to live in (my current drawer full of fqs is full-up).

Tonight at 7 pm was the usual weekly zoom Sip and Sew with my modern guild friends. There were only 3 of us tonight but we had a good chat and I got some real sewing done. I dug out the pile of improv blocks I sewed early in the fall using my Cherrywood hand-dyed scraps. I pondered what to use them for as I sat ... and sorted out some of them to make a charity 'reading quilt' for the modern guild donation:

Improv2This  is about 20" square at the moment. Not sure if I will make it bigger or just quilt it as is. Plenty of visual excitement to keep a child cosy, I think. :)

I want to use at least some of my improv blocks to make placemats for our table (which I have to de-stuff as well). The colors of my hand dyed scraps are rich and saturated and will enliven our little dining area. :)

I hope the sun shines tomorrow 'cause I'd like to sew more.

:) Linda


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