Boxing Day
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Quiet Week

12scQKR-winter-holiday-wallpaperI always think of the week between Christmas and New Year as special - outside the usual day-to-day life, a time for reflection and planning. In as much as we _can_ plan this year! 

Today I finished sewing the binding on my Aboriginal Improv Medallion quilt ... but I did not get to photograph it as my son was busy until after night fall (I had planned to take it outside on my back deck and have him hold it up for picture taking:). Maybe tomorrow?

I have still the bingo quilt to bind ... and I need to sandwich and quilt the Hope charity quilt project. I have been pondering how to do that, in the absence of a large horizontal surface to sandwich on top of - I have decided to try something suggested to me in an article some time ago, namely, basting on a wall in a vertical orientation. I intend to quilt the Hope top in quarters and then join them (my sewing space is too not spacious enough to allow for the entire quilt at one time, even if my body had the strength to handle maneuvering the mass of yardage under my Bernina's domestic machine throat:). 

I have to hunt up my wide painter's tape roll and get started. The quilting itself will not take long, I think. I plan to do mostly straight line patterning, following the design of the quilt layout itself. I am eager to get started on it!

One thing I did today was a sort of fact-finding and accounting research for myself, following an article in Science News. Titled 'What Lifestyle Changes Will Shrink Your Carbon Footprint the Most?' it helped me assemble statistics on things we have done differently in our household in recent years. Here's my summary.

 Carbon emissions for U.S. households are, on average, the equivalent of 48 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year entering the atmosphere.

    1. Replacing a 25 miles per gallon car with an electric car reduces your footprint by 4.4 metric tons of CO2 each year. We replaced our Chrysler PT Cruiser with a Chevrolet Bolt EV in 2018.

    2. Replacing a 25 miles per gallon car with a fuel-efficient car (40 mpg) reduces your footprint by 2.0 metric tons per year. We replaced our Dodge Dart with a Jeep Renegade in 2019.

    3.Change your car's air filters regularly and keep the tires properly inflated. We do this for both cars, yielding an 0.3 metric tons decrease each for a total of 0.6 metric tons less.

    4. Change your source of electricity and purchase green energy from a clean energy provider. We use solar and wind power from our provider and have for a number of years. Luckily we can afford the higher cost of energy this represents to our household. This reduces our carbon emissions by 6.3 metric tons per year.

    There is no info in the article about what effect increasing your recycling contributions will have, etc. We have not altered our diet to consume less meat which is supposed to have a beneficial effect on carbon emissions. In total, the simple things we have done have decreased our household carbon footprint by 13.3 metric tons of CO2 per year or about 28% (assuming that we contribute the assumed 48 metric tons of carbon per household as on the average). Not too bad.

That is one positive item on our household list of changes for the better over the past two years. Of course, THIS year is going to skew the statistics since we are hardly driving at all - and what driving we do is mostly in the electric car (I do take the Jeep out every month or so to be sure it will still run:). I don't think we've made any major sacrifices to achieve our reduction, just been thoughtful with our choices. Shrug.

I've been thinking about what I will make, quilt wise, over the coming year, too. I have several projects in progress I want to finish up ... and I signed up to do one block of the month ... and can think of several 'bucket list' projects I'd like to tackle. Guess I should make a list, eh?

:) Linda


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