Definite Progress

Rain, Rain

Tumblr_n9bfqsl8Qm1rv33k2o10_1280Here is more beautiful lace art by NeSpoon, that Polish woman artist whom I admire so much. Click on the photo and go take a look - I certainly prefer her taste in 'grafitti' to the usual mark making! I'd rather walk into this kind of web on my daily perambulation than Shelob's, too. :)

Today was a very quiet day. Cold (40 degrees or so) and very wet (rain, steady cold rain) most of the day. The sun did find a break in the cloud cover around 3:30 to 4 p.m. - it nearly blinded me as I sat in my comfy overstuffed chair in the living room with my digital book-on-phone after eating lunch. :) I closed my eyes and blissed out in the rays, though - some sunshine is way, way better than none in my book. LOL.

I did not sew anything today. Read, ate, cooked ... chatted with my daughter via FaceTime (my grandson's birthday box FINALLY arrived in Wisconsin and he had to call to say a happy thank you). I bought him lego airplanes and helicopters which he was thrilled to be playing with. :)

I did spend an hour or so ordering groceries online for delivery tomorrow morning. I hope the folks at DoorDash actually give those delivery people the tip I paid for! I'm so grateful that they are willing to bring the food to us. God bless them and hope they don't get sick as a result. :P

Back to sewing tomorrow ... though it is supposed to be cold rain again (getting colder - snow by Wednesday, according to NOAA).

:) Linda


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