Definite Progress


SnowWe had a nice snowfall yesterday (I was hoping I could catch the falling snowflakes in this pic but apparently I missed:). It amounted to about 2" ... and would have been more if the rain that fell, heavily at times, had been snow instead! I had an appointment for a haircut yesterday morning but when I stepped out my front door at 10 a.m. there were lovely snowflakes drifting down ... so I turned around and went back inside, called and rescheduled. Yes, I lived in WI for years and yes, I do know how to drive on snow - but not on ice, and not surrounded by ignorant-of-weather drivers. I treat snowfalls like a native Marylander now (hide at the First Flake:) and give myself a snow day. :)

I managed to finish binding the second Halloween quilt yesterday. I saw a demo of a new template/ruler on The Quilt Show website and ordered it immediately; luckily it came in the mail before I needed it:

Binding ruler

This turns out to be a godsend. :) I'm not a big gadget girl so I am pleased to say this little tool was worth every penny. It helps figure out exactly where to cut the two ends of quilt binding so they can be joined together (after attaching the binding to the quilt body) - and it work excellently! I was pleased to give it a whirl. Put it straight into my little goody box for safe keeping (right beside my sewing machine; holds the special not-to-be-misplaced tools).

The binding turned up some serendipity, too:

BindingThe fabric I used had pumpkins and Halloween greetings on it ... I thought it was really nice that this finished up - could not have planned this! I wrote the label for each of the quilts along the flange (that lime green edge just below the binding). 'Course, the weather was in no way suitable for taking photos ... and I packaged up and shipped those two quilts off before it occurred to me to take photos of the finishes. Sigh. Maybe I can get my daughter to take some?

Today was sunny and chilly with lots of drippy, melting snow everywhere. I had a doctor's appointment in the late afternoon and, by then, the threat of ice on the roads was long past so I drove there and back safely. It is supposed to stay pretty cold (mid 30s) tomorrow, too. Happily I get to stay home and sew all afternoon - more bindings to finish.

:) Linda


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