Marathon Day 2
Flittering By

Summary Day 3

This is a photograph of the Milky Way in a night sky free of light pollution. It has been decades since I have been able to look at a sky like this but I remember the impact of all those stars from my childhood. I grew up in small town America and on small farms. The only times I really got to see a dark night sky were when we traveled to and from my grandparents' farms in the mountains of western Virginia ... and then only when we were far away from settlements.

You may never have noticed but most farms have at least one really bright light outdoors during the night nowadays - it was not always so. The rural parts of the US were electrified after the second world war and most farmers saw the value in a good light on or near their barns. Even in the country, you have to travel far to find a really dark sky - so this is a sight maybe you've never seen. I have ... and it is quite heart-poundingly awe inspiring. :)

Today was pretty quiet. I woke up around noon (slowly, slowly I'm turning back my internal sleep cycle) and spent a good chunk of the day sewing. I finished sewing together that round robin project and even took a (not very good) photo:


Sorry it is so dark - by the time I finished it, the sunshine was pretty much gone. I hope you can see how intricate these star blocks are - embiggen this pic to see more - some people really did a bang-up job sewing for this round robin! I am pleased to have managed to sew this together correctly - with the right size of setting triangles and all. :) I have to take the results back to our swap Mom soon so it can travel onward to its next destination.

I managed to watch a few episodes of The Blacklist which I am currently binge-watching two or three sets at a time. Also read a little. Otherwise, not much done today.

:) Linda


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