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A Finish!


I don't finish things very often so I feel that I should take a bow here ... even though it wasn't easy. :) Today during our Friday Sewing Together time, I finished my Scrub Rose wall hanging. Well, except for labeling it. Have to think about just how I want to do that. :)

Scrub rose small

I promised that the edges _are_ regular and even, though they don't look like it in this photo. :) Can you see the quilting textures? You might have to click and embiggen to notice them. This measures about 15"x24" and uses hand and machine embroidery, hand and machine applique and machine quilting. The dark blue circles are hand dyed wool, the rest is cotton quilting fabrics. I am sooooo pleased. :)

Now I have to get in touch with my designated partner for the Modern Quilt Guild mini swap and let her know this piece is coming - as uncertain as the mail has become lately, I intend to send it off soon rather than wait until the February 2nd deadline.

The  past couple of days have been difficult for our country - I just hope there are negative consequences for the people who attacked our legislature. There need to be deterents for armed insurrection beyond general outcry! Sheesh.

I had a video conference with my doctor this morning ... he is prescribing me some meds for this (I think) lingering cold/congestion ... and sending me for Covid testing on Monday morning. Sigh.

Hope the sun shines tomorrow like it did today!

:) Linda


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