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Adventures in the Rain

Image-1I tried out Facebook's Avatar generator this afternoon. The pic above was the best I could approximate myself (my hair is darker and streaked with gray but that was not a choice, only all gray was). Doesn't look a lot like me ... but it is cheerful enough. :) The reason I was playing with this?

I have been a member of Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class (original edition) for a number of years, starting from when they met in my shop. Mimi has some kind of 2021 swap idea that involves our self-portraits in fabric for this year (I will learn more about it tomorrow at our first meeting via Zoom for the new year). :)

What was my adventure? The weather was what I would label 'nasty' today - cold, wet, heavy gray rain with a sharp breeze to chill. Yesterday during our Saturday zoom, a friend from my modern guild, MJ, offered up a free serger to first comers. I stuck my hand up immediately as I've contemplated buying one but never fell off the fence - I just thought it might be useful for garment sewing and such.

Today I drove to MJ's house - somewhere in the northwest part of Baltimore county (I just go where the GPS tells me to drive:) - and picked up the machine. Sooooo exciting!! :) I really didn't ask much about the serger/overlocker before hand so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a Bernina series 1100. She and her husband were so sweet and loaded it into the backseat of my Bolt for me (thank goodness 'cause it is heavy - had to have my sweetheart carry it inside when I got home).

It looks something like this (but this photo was taken from an EBay sale):

S-l1600I have to clear away space in my new sewing room area to set it up (and find a table for it to work on) so it might be a while before I start sewing with it. As I am de-crapifying my stuff, I am finding fabrics and patterns I've purchased over the years for garment making. Will certainly post any progress I manage to make! :)

I did not get any sewing done today. The drive to MJ's and back took almost two hours with the rain and my general unfamiliarity with the terrain. Once I got home, the chill drove me to huddle down in my comfy chair in the living room to read, work the crossword and watch my husband play his video game-of-the-moment.

Tomorrow it's back to 'normal' whatever that might mean in this new year.

:) Linda


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