Adventures in the Rain
A Finish!

More Gray

M8PeIrHrGUPsRjNDXuNi_urbanxstitch1In my on-going theme of needlework in very public places, how about this image? :) This ultra sized cross stitch ducky parade was created by an artist known as Urban XStitch.  You can go here and read about him/her and other 'pushing the envelope' embroidery artists working today. It tickles my fancy to think of looking at ducky embroideries on my neighborhood fences. :) (Especially here in Columbia where I live with our covenants and architectural committee approval requirements:)

The weather was bleak today - more heavy gray, wet (but no appreciable rainfall), chilly (high 40s). Unpleasant and a good reason to stay in and sew! I managed to do a few house chores (chiefly gathering and taking out the recycling for tomorrow's o-dark-thirty pickup) and read quite a bit. I did do a little more quilting on my Scrub Rose wall hanging:

BottomI like the texture created from matchstick quilting - I chose to do mine in irregularly spaced rows for a more 'natural' look. I might be able to finish this tomorrow - just have the upper right quadrant to go. Oh, then I have to do the free motion parts in the bloom itself. Hmm, maybe two days to finish?

My machining time is being cut short by difficulty with my neck - I have some fused vertebrae in my neck (C4,5,6 I think) that pinch my spinal chord - a fairly common arthritis by-product. Lately they are acting up more than usual and looking downward (like toward my machine) is giving me pounding headaches and makes my hands go numb. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow - maybe there will be some sunshine?

:) Linda


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