Last Gasp of 2020
Gray Skies

Oh, Happy Day!

UnnamedHappy New Year!!! 2021 does not have a high bar to jump to exceed 2020, eh? :) I spent today in my most favorite way (well, most but one:) - sewing with friends. 

If you click on that beautiful galaxy up above you can go read about it on The Daily Galaxy newsite. :)

Today, being Friday, my friends Barbara, Patty and I met on Zoom to Sew Together. They were both working on different clues of the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Grassy Creek. I decided to sandwich and start quilting my Scrub Rose wallhanging. I have not machine quilted for quite some time so I felt a need to practice a bit before starting on Hope. :)

Here is what I got done this afternoon between 2 and about 4:30 pm:


I opted for irregular horizontal matchstick quilting in the 'ground' area of the flower (below the blossom).


Here you can see how much I got finished ... I like the texture of matchstick quilting but it is tedious!

The weather was, again, ponderously gray and wet today - dim and cold. It started raining heavily sometime during our Zoom and I was very grateful, listening to it ping on the lower roof outside my window, that I had a solid roof over my head and a warm house to be cozy in!

:) Linda


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