A Finish!


Jeweled bugI have always had a fascination with insects - and this one is especially enticing. :) Beads, gemstones (that's malachite, that green marbled stone), handwork AND bugs - what more can you want? :) This glorious creation is one of many shown on this web page. Take a look and enjoy!

I have been incommunicado for some time (longer than I thought! eighteen days without a post), dealing with what I _thought_ was a cold (and yes, I got a negative on my Covid test) ... but turns out to be an especially bad outbreak of allergies. Well, that's what my doctor thinks and I agree (reluctantly). Sigh. I've been on antihistamines and anti-inflammatories for two weeks and it is starting to ebb (not go away, sadly, but get better). I have been doing little more than sleeping, eating, reading and the very occasional errand. Borrrrring!

Today the shun shined into my sewing room window so I managed to do a little work there as an excuse to soak up some photons and make a little progress. I joined an intra-guild swap with my modern group to make Valentines post cards and managed to finish mine to send. Here are photos:

Rose postcard entire

I'm calling this my Wonky Rose postcard. Along the theme of Valentines Day - a rose for your love. :) Here is a close up of the center showing the big stitch quilting I did:

Rose closeIt's a bit big for a mailable post card - 5"x6.5" - so I will take it in envelope to my send-ee. First I have to find some appropriate holiday candy for her to go with. :)

One of the errands I ran earlier this week was (among other stops) to go to the Mother Nature shop and buy a new feeder for my bird station - a guaranteed-to-be-squirrel-proof suet feeder for the bug eating birds in my neighborhood. I am pleased to report that, so far, no squirrels have invaded the supply (unlike the decimation they wrought with the usual suet holder/feeder I tried before). Also, the birds are eating themselves happy. I came home today from another set of errands and caught a (very distant) picture of a small woodpecker helping herself:

WoodpeckerI _think_ this is a Downy Woodpecker. Probably a female or at least not showing breeding season plumage. Happy with the goodies, that's for sure. :) 

While I was at the Mother Nature store, I also looked for a second 'shepherd's crook' to hang my other seed feeder but they were out of stock. Maybe next week? :) I enjoy looking out my front window to see the little birds come to the station. I love to hear their songs in the spring and summer so I figure I should feed them through the lean times, too.

Otherwise life has been quiet lately.



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