Snow Sewing


SnowWhen I woke up this morning there was snow coming down outside my windows. :) Unlike most Marylanders, I like snow so the view was pleasant. :) It is still snowing out as I type this post and I'm not sure how much we will get in total. Being as close to the cities and the coast as we are, we usually don't get much more than a few inches.

I spent most of today in a drugged stupor, sadly. My neck issues are flaring up again and the heavy duty muscle relaxants I take to reduce the pain and inflammation tend to put me to sleep. :P It's not a happy day when I wake up in pain.

I have managed to do a couple of good sewing things in the past few days. I finished making up the blocks for this month's Queen Bee for my Stash Beehive (#4):

StashbeeThis month's queen asked for positive/negative red and white Sawtooth Stars. I had to go out to Springwater Designs (my local quilt shop) earlier in the week and buy red and white fabrics - apparently I don't care much for red as there is very little of it in my working stash. Shrug.

I got sidetracked sewing scraps together in a new-to-me way on Saturday (during my Columbia Friends zoom meeting). I dug out my warm colored scraps (red, pink, peach, hot pink, orange, etc.) and, using dark purple as my 'leading' started sewing. Much slower and more fiddly way to use scraps than my go-to log cabins but very cool, visually! :) No photos, yet.

I'm hoping the snow gets cleared away from the streets in time for me to order groceries on Wednesday.

:) Linda


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