Good Golly!

Belated Christmas Joy

Belated-cat-humor-christmas-ecard-lg(With a tip of the hat in the direction of Kitten Academy) I managed a very late holiday gift excitement this week. In the Baltimore Modern guild, we had a holiday swap way back in December. My poor sender, Barbara Shelton, had to wait forever for me to open my bundle of joy. :) I have to tell you, I had mixed feelings when I did - I was totally bowled over by all the incredible goodies she sent me ... and ashamed (in retrospect) of how little (in comparison) I did for the person to whom I sent (Judy Dunlap - I owe you for sure J.D.!).

Knowing that my favorite color combo currently is hot pink and orange, Barbara sent me this bunch of great swag. I think I will put it all together and make the ultimate travel sewing kit. :)

CardFiber theme card to set the mood

ExtrafqBeautiful fat quarter of batik to make my tote

MiniCute mini quilt for my sewing nest

MinicloseClose up to show the details

MugrugfrontMug rug with my own initial monogram

MugrugbackBack of my mug rug

Needlebook frontPert needle book for my needles and scissors

NeedlebookinsideCute insides with orange felt pages and pocket for tiny snips


NotebookNotebook cover with monogram

NotebookinsideInside with page marker and replaceable notes



Pincushion with monogram and pretty pink pins


Zipper pouch to hold my goodies


With plenty of pockets and room inside


Pull tab goodie

TularibbonLovely Tula Pink ribbon to decorate my tote

I can tell you that it was Christmas all over again as I unwrapped and petted all these pretty things. Sewing friends are the best friends after all!

:) Linda


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