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Gr1_lrgIt is rare for me to get a chance to see the intersection of my fiber love and my science training but here is a fabulous example. These are embroideries of classic illustrations of different kinds of cells in the human brain. You can go here and read all about this exciting and worthy project. Also see more pictures. :)

It has been 13 days since I last posted ... shame on me! Really, I don't have a lot to show for that time out ... but I have been doing things, at my own slow pace. Like most of the US this month, we have been getting real winter weather here with snow, ice and pretty-cold-for-us temperatures. Nothing like the dumps other places have dealt with and certainly not as painful as the southwest is dealing with (we still have power, heat, light and telephone service!) ... but a lot of really good days to stay inside and sew. :)

What have I been doing? Hmm, well, eating some delicious Valentine's Day candy and enjoying a fabric postcard from my modern guild buddy Barbara (who drew my name yet again for this swap:).


I indulged in one block of the month program this year, a 'chicken scratch' embroidery quilt by Blair Stocker of Wisecraft that I am greatly enjoying. We have gotten our first set of two block designs and I have finished embroidering them. I am thinking about quilting these by the block (which means I need to jump onto that part before the next set come out or fall behind; I have sworn to myself that I will NOT allow this b.o.m. program to languish like way too many others I've subscribed to).

Here are my two blocks:




Snowflake2closeI really enjoyed making these blocks - the embroidery is pretty simple and feels very 'zen' while stitching. Good for my sanity. :)

What else ... hmm. I started quilting on the first quadrant of the Hope charity quilt my friend Barbara Bennett and I are making. 

HopefirstI am planning on mostly doing straight stitch walking foot quilting on this project. Sadly, I will have to remove most of what I've done so far - my machine was not doing the stitch lengths correctly. Had no trouble doing very short stitches for my foundation piecing (see later) but never managed a decent longer, quilting stitch. I am planning to take my Bernina to have her annual spa treatment and adjustments early next week (weather pending). Fingers crossed that solves her quirks. Sigh.

This past Tuesday I took a (virtual) class with Carl Hentsch via Flying Geese quilt guild, northeast of Baltimore. The class project was a foundation pieced design called Foxhole from Carl's third book, featuring flying geese in a circular layout. It is described in his book New York Beauties and Flying Geese (click for a review). Here are some photos:



I got this first quadrant done during class.


Here is my second quadrant which I finished during my Wednesday night Sip&Sew zoom.

I am almost finished with sewing together my third quadrant. My plan is to complete the circle and then add a squared off frame to it for a mini wall hanging. Well, as mini as a 20+ inch circle can get. :)

Other than those projects I've been reading, cooking, eating and doing the usual daily things peculiar to this odd time we are enduring. The vaccine progress in my area has gotten to the stage where my husband and I could get shots IF there were vaccines available. So far it appears that doing so will involve a lot of browser jockey-ing and patience. :P

:) Linda


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