Friday Sunday
Belated Christmas Joy


SlabfinalHere is how my scrap 'slab' turned out  in the end. It is about half the size I'd like for making a placemat (my current go-to use for random piecing:) so I know I will make more at some point. :) I found a very interesting Pintrest board for quilts made with slabs/crumbs here that you might find fun.

Today was my usual Columbia Friends zoom - my modern quilting buddies meet from 1 until about 3 pm  every Saturday to sew and chat. Today I cut a new gingham block and started the embroidery for my first Snowflake Sampler block. Last night I browsed through my 'chicken scratch' pattern archives and found some other designs I might work into this project before the end ... most of them could be little inserts to make the quilt larger or to include in a border. :)

By the time I finished today I had done a little more than half of the star block embroidery. Progress! :)

Tomorrow is a zoom sew-in with even more of the modern quilt makers. The sew-in target is to make the Snowflake quilt but I will be working on a different project - I ordered a nifty background fabric for my quilt but it has not yet arrived (sigh). Instead I'll be working on making Tea Time  by Jordan Fabrics using a strip roll of Christmas prints. I don't have a Christmas quilt and I thought a sofa throw might be a nice touch. Bought the roll from Bear's Paw in Towson, MD the last time I was there. :)

The title of this post refers to my snail mail pile from this afternoon. I definitely hit the jackpot of deliveries today!

I got a new-ish book I need for a zoom class I am taking later this month:


The class project is a round design with flying geese and a New York Beauty from this book. I already know how to do this my way (could have drafted every pattern in this book:) but I always like to see how other people solve the same problems - can always learn something new. :) 

I also got a cross stitch booklet for the 12 Days of Christmas - I quite liked this designer's style when I saw the pattern. I think I will be making separate ornaments from each 'day'.


Finally, I got my mini quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild's swap. My swap partner, Jane Bitz in Washington (state) sent a glorious small quilt that I LOVE:


I love the swallows flying motifs, the swirly quilting design that looks like wind, the colors, the way one 'bird' is fading away and others are approaching (visually). Delightful! She even hand quilted the entire piece:


See her lovely stitches? :) This little gem goes up on my living room gallery wall as soon as I can get my son to post it there ... and I'll be enjoying it for ages. Happy sighs.

So, on the whole I had a good day today. Did not try to use my Bernina again .. maybe I'll remember to do that tomorrow since my Tea Time blocks will beg to be joined together into a top.

:) Linda

Ps: I almost forgot to tell that I attended an interesting lecture zoom presentation by Tamara King this evening, hosted by the Lake Oswego Library. Ms. King talked about quilts used for story telling and personal expression, especially for social and political commentary or outrage. The talk was recorded so I'm sure you can find a link on the LOL system's website if you are interested. I found it fascinating!


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