Friday Sunday

Snow Sewing

Bird tracks

Little song bird tracks on my front step, near the feeder.

Bird tracks

Icicles hanging from the gutters in sunshine.

We still have snow on the ground and the forecast is calling for more this weekend. Rare in Maryland for snow to last so long on the ground. :) Not unheard of, just unusual. I have been sewing in little bursts, trying to take it easy on my arthritis pains. :P

I am the block of the month pattern coordinator for my 'traditional' guild, Faithful Circle. Here is the February block - I try to choose simple shapes and designs that don't take a lot of time but that can be set in several ways, according to the drawing winner's desires. :)

Blue yukonThis one is called Blue Yukon and I think

a block-to-block layout would be exciting.

I did manage to make some scrap slabs using a new-to-me technique (which I have clearly not completely mastered, yet:). It was much more time consuming than my usual mile-a-minute constructions, but I think it has visual appeal.

Red slab
Red slabI got almost all of my red/pink/hot color scraps sewn up by the time I had finished and joined these two slabs. I"ll probably do this again with the smaller bits in my soon-to-overflow scrap basket ... practice will help. :)

The last thing I managed to do since my previous post was to make the February block for Rochelle, this month's Queen Bee in my Stash Beehive. Off to the post office to send it to her later this afternoon. :)


This is a 16" block. I got to use my new 6.5" BlocLoc ruler to trim up all those half square triangles. I was pleased with the accuracy I managed. Scrappy, of course, which is my favorite (and, thankfully, ok with the Queen:).

Other than this sewing which I did in twenty minute bursts, I have been eating and reading and occasionally cooking. Life as usual in a socially distancing household waiting for a vaccine appointment.

:) Linda


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