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A Week of Change



There are flowers blooming in my front yard and spring is well and truly sprung. :) The little crocus was blooming all on its lonesome at the edge of the pachysandra bed (below our Japanese bloodleaf maple tree). I think the squirrels must have put a bulb there as I never planted any crocus in that particular spot. :) There are also three tiny stands of snowdrops blooming in the middle of the same bed - surely again put there by squirrels or birds as I've never seen any of those there before. Lucky us! :)

The weather has been blustery but mostly pleasantly sunny for several days now. I listen to the wind whistle around the house corners as I sit in my bright sewing room in the afternoon and enjoy the contrast. Actually, not much sewing is getting done.

I did take a class this past weekend and enjoyed it immensely. The Baltimore modern guild had Brenda Gael Smith from Australia teaching improvisational strip piecing. What a great class!! Mind you, I did not learn anything new, technique-wise, but it was a very satisfying class. Brenda is an excellent, methodical teacher and made things very clear. She shared a LOT of her quilt making and gave me plenty of ideas for using the curvy piecing techniques I've been sewing for years (the skills just sit in my mental bag of sewing tricks, usually).

The most magical thing about taking the class was that Brenda - who lives a bit north of Sydney in a little town called Copacabana - is situated in sight of the beach and gave us a view out her window of the Pacific Ocean. The marvels of Zoom!! :)

I managed to sew an entire strip section during class ... this is about 10"x20" or so:


StripscloseBrenda was particularly complementary about my use of that red stripe. :) I am thinking I will quilt this and turn it into some kind of pouch or bag. Later, at leisure, when my plate is a little less full.

I got my Bernina back from the shop on Wednesday this past week. I drove, again, down to LaPlata in more-southern Maryland than I am (about 65 miles each way, part of it along the Washington Beltway). After I picked up my now-healthy (fingers crossed!) machine, I shopped for a little while before driving home. I particularly was looking for fat quarters of a seasonal nature (why in a moment) and some new 'low volume' background prints to replace those I've used up. Here is my haul:
I also bought one pattern that appealed to me:

FracrionspatternAnd these:

ClipboardThe two zippers are destined to make a pouch for a friend in those colors (teal-ish blue and hot pink). The clipboard I hope to use to display small pieces of collage or fabric art. :)

The seasonal fqs are intended to be used as background prints in blocks for a swap in Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class. Hopefully I will get one or more finished soon to share here (I'm two months behind in my obligation).

Other than those activities, my time is flowing past. One day becomes another without many ripples and I very, very slooooowly get things done. If it doesn't get checked off my list today, there's always tomorrow. Sigh.

:) Linda

PS. I almost forgot! Another piece of news of import is that I got my first Covid vaccine shot on Thursday afternoon this week. The second one is scheduled for April 3rd. I got the Pfizer brand shot and so far have had no significant after-effects other than a sore arm the next day. :)


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