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Here in my neighborhood in eastern Maryland, spring has DEFINITELY come. My daffodils are blooming wildly - my personal benchmark for the arrival of spring. The area has blooming pear, apple and cherry trees ... I've seen several spring magnolia trees with their pale pink blossoms floating. Such a beautiful time of year! My husband had his first vaccine appointment this past Sunday afternoon and we got a view of all the blooming things as we drove south to the shot site and back.

Growing bulb flowers here in the south (we are in growth zone 7a) is challenging - if you click on the pretty picture above, you can go read about how to get the best growth/beauty from your bulbs. :)

It has been 16 days since I've written in this blog. That is a surprising amount of time passed for me - I rarely let that many days go by without recording my life. Hmm. I have been doing things, though the days keep flowing past in a blur. :P

So, in no particular order, here's what I've been sewing lately ... first I did manage to work on this round of the Faithful Circle round robin. This time I've finished the (I _think_) next-to-last round of bordering. The project I had to work on this time was charming ... but in the interest in secrecy (we are not supposed to reveal the project before they go home to their 'mommies'), I will only share the border I put on and the immediate predecessor. :)

Border2I am not sure that I actually followed the guidelines for the border I did (blue  and green above) ... but I like the way it looks on the whole work so I'm not reworking it (can't anyway as I've given the round robin bundle back to the coordinator:). That green fabric is the focus print the originator chose.

I took an online class with Brenda Gael Smith of Australia in improvisational curved piecing and decided to use that technique to explore the theme of 'leaves' that I set for this month's exploration with the Columbia Friends bee. Here is my proof-of-concept patchwork:

CurveyleafIt was a challenge to make my curves produce a leaf ... but I did it. I want to come back to this theme again sometime in the near future (after I finish quilting Hope). So my piece didn't get lost in the chaos of my sewing room, I finished it into a composition book cover (my comp book has graph paper in it and will serve as a new volume of my quilting journal). Here's how that came out:

JournalNow at least my leafy bit won't go missing and sink below my conscious memory (out of sight is literally out of mind with me:).

I made this month's block for my Stash Bee hive (#4):

StashblockI am really pleased with this. You cannot tell from this photo but the star points are a green cotton-and-silk print (I think the collection was called Radiance) - I had a small scrap left from a fabric line out several years ago when I still owned my store. The color is actually a soft sage-ish green (not the brown-y tone it looks above). If you embiggen the photo, you might be able to see the soft shine - the fabric has cotton threads woven in one direction and silk in the other.

My daughter sent me two books to help with my gardening efforts (I have pretty much given up trying to landscape or grow flowers here as we have a serious suburban deer infestation in my area and they eat almost everything I try to plant). Gotta get reading! The county is sponsoring a native plant sale at our local community college soon and I want to invest in some new perennials. :)



What else has been going on? Hmm. I hurt my back and ended up having to take a series of steroid pills for a week to heal. That seems to have settled the problem but I'm not sure what made it crop up in the first place. :P I am not good at being infirm (grumpy me).

I got my first Covid shot and am going to take my second one this coming Saturday. Truthfully, I am relieved to have done that. I'm looking forward to having slightly more freedom of movement around the local area. My husband and son still have to be completely vaccinated so things will only ease up gently. Every little step forward!

My younger grandson had his third birthday a couple of days ago. Time just flows over me - I often feel like a rock in the creekbed, watching things run past. 

:) Linda


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