Lovely Sunshine
A Week of Change

Spring is Coming

73794-Lets-Get-Blooming-Spring-Is-ComingI'm pleased to say that even though it is still late winter here in eastern Maryland, it is becoming clear that Spring is near. :) The days are getting longer, my Japanese maple trees have swollen leaf buds on them, and sunshine is a daily occurrence lately. Huzzah!!

I've been doing my best to sew at least a couple of hours every afternoon so I can take advantage of the lovely sunshine coming in my windows. Right now I am working on making the Sandhill Sling bag from Noodlehead Designs. Anna is hosting a sew along and doing a right fine job of it. Here's how I'm doing as of now:

Bag front outsideI've been saving this Echino cotton cavas fabric for some time,

looking for just the right project. I found it! :)

This is the front with a turn-lock pocket fastening

Bag outside backThis is the back of the unassembled sling bag showing the strap;

I chose to cover the webbing I bought for this with fabric

(including the purple selvege).

Bag inside pocketThis is the lining pocket I made, complete with zipper.

Maybe the next time I show photos of my bag it will be completely assembled and finished (fingers crossed). We are at the stage of sewing together the front, back and gusset sections right now. I am finding the instructions for this pattern very well written! So far the bag is going together easily and I am pleased with the results.

I have more of this fabric so I might make another one as a gift sometime in the future. :)

I also bought myself a new book last week - I ordered it ages ago but it came last week (am I the only one who can't remember what I've ordered by the time it arrives?:). I bought it full retail from Quiltmania and am pleased with it:

Kokeshi bookI don't know that I will ever make the whole quilt ... but I can see myself making small vignette quilts using these designs. I find them adorable (the book includes many different kokeshi as well as daruma doll patterns).

Onward and upward as my Dad used to say. Tomorrow I am planning to drive down to Material Girls quilt shop in LaPlata to retrieve my Bernina from her spa treatments.

:) Linda


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