Spring Bursting
Saving Scraps

13 Days!

Spring is still bursting into bloom here in my neighborhood. It's all beautiful ... from tiny violets ... 

Japanese maple

... to the Japanese maple trees  in our front yard that leafed out overnight one day last week ...


Pansies... to the lovely pansies planted beside my doctor's office with their glorious colors.

I keep telling my husband that I want to move back to Madison (WI) to live - near my daughter and her family - but I would truly miss the beautiful spring flowering that happens here. The time between the end of winter and the beginning of summer is protracted and verdant here in our climate zone (7A) - much longer than it is in Madison, fer shure. :)

I can't believe how lazy I have been with posting here. Technically, I could be going out quite a lot more now that I am fully vaccinated ... but my days are still flowing together and oozing into one another memory-wise. I lose track of the days easily and the hours are even harder to separate. Sigh. I am actually sewing and doing things, I just somehow can't assort them on any kind of logical memory trail. :P

I did get to go to a friendly get-together this past weekend. Faithful Circle Quilters (my 'traditional' guild) had a trunk-swap-meet event on Saturday afternoon. You can read more about it and see some photos at my friend Barbara's blog. I took only one item to give away - a big bag full of yarn, enough to make a nice sized afghan (that I will never have the attention span to make). The woman who took it does a lot of yarn bombing with a local group - hope I get to see some of my yarn in use (acrylic, so weathers well, and bright flowery colors). :)

I told myself not to take stuff at the swap ... but I did. Barbara found me some lovely kokeshi (Japanese folk dolls) prints ... and I got one of brightly colored wild horses ... and a lovely batik elephant ... and a truly adorable tiny ironing board ... and a gorgeous framed redwork swan that will go up on our living room wall as soon as I can get my sweetheart to help put in tacks. :) So, restrained but useful (in my book:).

In no particular order, here are some of the things I have sewn recently. Well, other than the first quadrant finished quilting of the Hope quilt which I have not taken photos of.



These are 'banana leaves' by Elizabeth Hartman ... made in

odd moments here and there ... and will be used in my Leafy

Greens quilt (whenever I get back to working on it).


This is the April Stash Bee block ... the dark print

(the 'giftwrap') is a double weave forest green.


This is my oldest (I _think_) UFO - it's about 16" x 22" or so in size. It is an original design I made in the mid90's to be included in my third book of foundation piecing designs. It needed to be bound which I managed during a zoom sew-in with modern buddies last week. Puppy Love. :) I could not help but laugh over the asking price on Amazon!


I made a very nice (imho) wide open zipper pouch for a friend

using somesewing machine themed fabric I've been

hoarding. Glad to use it for a good cause. :)


The Columbia Friends group has been having challenges this year (one every two weeks or a month). The most recent one was offered by Heather Kojan - 'stripes.' My response to the challenge is not very original but I certainly enjoyed making it! I bought a fat quarter bundle of Kaffe Fassett yarn dyes and double weave cottons to make this pattern by Swirly Girls called Fractions. Since I took this photo, I have appliqued the circles onto the top (see the link). 


So, spring is passing and I am doing some things. Not nearly enough ... and not much is getting finished around the house ... I'm still reading a lot though I have gone back to a little bit of video streaming from time to time. I seem to alternate the two. I am pondering buying some furniture for our deck so I can enjoy the outdoors a bit more often.

:) Linda


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