Catch Up!
13 Days!

Spring Bursting

VincaThings are bursting into flower all around me here in eastern Maryland. The vinca in my side yard is blue ... the grape hyacinth is blooming in counterpoint to the dandelions that all burst into bloom at once yesterday ... and the critters are getting a mouthful - like eating my hosta as soon as they come up. Grrr:

Eaten hostaWe are having quite a bit of rain with thunderstorms - I guess the trees and flowers will love it but also the humidity is rising. Funny thing - many people (and animals) are afraid of thunder and lightning. Myself, I enjoy them. Who knows why? :)

I just finished the very last border assignment for this year's Faithful Circle Quilters round robin. The outermost border below is my design (the rest made by other participants; I don't know whose piece this is but I look forward to finding out:)

EntireI took a closeup of my border round so you could see  the details:

My borderCan you see the small blue circles I added on top of my green background? The corner squares on point are the chosen focus fabric for this piece. There was not enough of it to make the last border entirely from the focus so I winged it. I _think_ the grass green print was a good choice as it brightens up the entire design. Still, bright is a value choice - I hope the top's Mommy likes my choices! :)

Tomorrow I plan to take the rr bundle back to the coordinator and start in (again) on quilting Hope. I have finally set up my Bernina on his table and cleaned up the surface so there is space to manipulate the sandwich. Fingers crossed I do a good job.

:) Linda

PS My son got his first vaccination shot this afternoon. Soon we will all be finished with that. Whew!


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