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I saw a really exciting (well, to me:) article in National Geographic recently about research being done on an area of Maryland very near to me. If you click on the photo above you can go read about a rock outcropping near here that is a piece of a long ago ocean's seabed - a piece of the crust that has been thrust up to our surface by plate tectonics and is now exposed for study. Here is a picture of the geography (little tiny box shows 'us'):

Ngscience-2104-appalachian-ophiolites_primary_ai2html-desktop-smallI think I actually know where these rocks are ... but am not sure enough to find them. :) Just a bit of local news.

My days are flowing past, growing increasingly summer-like. The cicadas have emerged in my front yard as well as the rest of this area - I need to take some photos of our trees covered with spent cicada shells. :) Haven't found any wings, yet, but it is still early days. Brood X has a ways to go before it is finished with it's every-17-year emergence. Luckily I am NOT a bug phobe so I find the entire event rather exciting. :)

I have been sewing a bit but have rather less than usual to show for it. I did manage to finish making a new workbasket for myself - this is a Juniper Basket from Sew Modern Designs and I really am happy with it! I made the size large and I think I could house the knitting for an entire sweater in this. :)

Juniper2I only had enough of that sewing machine fabric to make one side of the basket (my last precious bit:) so the other side is a remnant of the canvas I used to make my Sandhill Sling. Notice that there is an external (inset zipper) pocket and an internal pocket (simple slip in).

Remember I showed you my avatar and the first (unfinished) block of my self-portrait in fabric for the Grad Class swap? I've made progress and finished my blocks through May to be mailed off. Here is a representative sampling of them (I ended up free-hand drawing the features because my hand shakes too much to trace them).

Lindamay2I'm sure you can see the variations in features ... none of which actually look like me, of course, but realism was not the goal with this project. (thankfully!) :)

I also finished the embroidery for my next Halloween block from Crabapple Hill. I LOVE this raven:

RavenI think his ruff is hysterical - and very a propos. :) I think he should be named Nevermore. :)

I went in search of some brainless sewing to do today and found a roll of 1.5" strips from the Cider collection by Basic Grey for Moda. I decided to make quarter-square log cabins with it ... happy sewing! :)

:) Linda


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