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Orkney-potters fingerprintDo you ever think about the past - as in the distant past, prehistory, and such? I like to think about (and read about) what life might have been like long ago ... back when there were few of us on Earth and growing plants in one place to harvest later was a radical idea. :) The photo above shows a small piece of pottery - fire-hardened clay, nothing fancy - with a fingerprint from the pot's maker baked right into the side of the pot. Kind of like looking at the fossilized footprints of early people ... a 'we really were here' signpost. :) That particular piece of pot was crafted in the Orkney Islands (North Sea, distant northern edge of what is now the British Isles). Gives me shivers when I think about it. :)

I have been living in a semi-random pattern for some time now. The weather is improving daily - we have started to enjoy late-Spring/early-Summer environs here in Maryland. The trees are all green, lots of pretty flowers are blooming, grass gets cut every day (almost eye-searing green this time of year:). People are enjoying the outdoors more and more. According to the local news blogger the county I live in has a 75+% vaccination rate for 16 and older residents ... and the governor has agreed with the CDC that fully vaccinated folks (like me:) can do without masks for the most part. 

I went into my local quilt shop this past Saturday without my mask ... quick trip to pick up some zippers ... and felt naked without my mask. :) I felt so daring! LOL Maybe some 'normal' will resume?

I've been sewing and making but not keeping very good records. My 'what have I done lately?' photos are kind of random here:

AvatarI am participating in a 'me' block swap with members of Mimi Dietrich's Grad Class this year. I am woefully behind in my production ... and am waiting on some new Pigma pens I ordered to arrive so I can finish a big batch to mail out. My block is based on an avatar I cobbled up for myself from FB:


I have chosen a series of seasonally appropriate fabrics for the backgrounds of my blocks. Originally I thought I'd use a scrappy set of flesh and hair prints, too ... but that scissors print makes me giggle so I'm using that for all my blocks, so far. My hair is dark (not black but dark brown) and shot with gray (in what my hair cutter calls a 'distinguished' pattern:) ... but scissors just seemed so appropos. :)

BlaackcatblockMeg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio is slowly releasing a block of the month Halloween series that appeals to me. I've embroidered the first block (black cat, above) and made the framing 'Dresden Plate' applique. Now I'm working on the second month's design which features a raven wearing an Elizabethan style ruff. ;) Hand embroidery is what I save my hands to do (too much arthritis makes me limit my hand work pretty strictly) ... so I am loving this project. :)

BlackcatembroideryHere's a close up of the embroidery, pre-pressing.

WishThe round robin project I've been working on with members of Faithful Circle quilters has finally ended and I've gotten my own piece back. I LOVE it. You might not get the full impact of the cheerful pink and blue palette in this photo - I think this fabric is just plain happy. :) I'm not sure what size this piece is (maybe 45" square?) ... but I plan to use the remainder of my prints to make more borders to at least size this up to a lap quilt. 

This is the block I started my round robin with:

FirstblockMy Columbia Friends group has been doing a challenge every month or so for a while. Our current topic is to use something from either the natural or the architectural world as inspiration for a piece. Pretty broad ideas, for me, but I've settled on an attempt to interpret this photo into patchwork:

MyhandThis is the back of my right hand, showing the loss of subcutaneous padding on my skin (lizard skin) as it ages. I remember distinctly when I first noticed this happening to me (being, as I am, somewhat, ahem, overabundant in flesh, I have mostly looked younger than my age for most of my life; poor hands put paid to that!). Ought to make something interesting in stained glass or some such. Plotting patterning.

Today I finished making my version of a large Juniper Basket by Sew Modern. Forgot to take a photo (hope to remember tomorrow). Intend to use it for holding my handwork near my comfy living room chair. 

:) Linda


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