Fireworks Plus


AquafrontHere is a teaser of something that I'm working on sporadically these days (waiting for shipments to complete). I quite enjoyed the 'boro' style hand sewing I did on this little cloth sandwich - I expect to make more of these over time. :)

The weather has been more-or-less glorious so far this month. We did have one unpleasantly hot and humid day on Monday last week - the effective temperature was in the low three digits (about 95 degrees and 59% humidity outside). I had to run errands that day and felt like I was going to expire every time I had to get out of my car. That kind of temperature milieu totally wipes me out. :P 

Tuesday it rained heavily all day, on and off. I had to go out to my hairdressers for my every-six-week cut, mani/pedi date. Self indulgent to the max! :)

By Wednesday a cold front had blown in (with the rain) and it has been gloriously in the mid70s with blue shiny skies ever since. :) Wednesday I had my first dentist appointment (cleaning) for a year and a half. New dentist (Dr. Fixelle) in the practice whom I did like quite a bit. My technician was her wonderful sweet self (Felicia).

Meanwhile in the background there are various 'arguments' going on (tax people in Kansas who lost my check; various sew-alongs and classes; block made for the guild's raffle quilt; etc...) and activities happening. None of them leave a lot of imprint on my mind (this is why I keep a calendar, still, and this blog - so I can have SOME hope of remembering what I actually do with my time:). I feel like I'm not getting much done ... and I'm really not, compared to what I COULD be doing ... but there is quite a bit of niggling detail in each day. :)

I did manage to finish doing the embroidery on my most recent Haunted Halloween mystery block:

ToadyI like this old toad and his stools (I wonder WHY they are called toadstools?:). I am in the process of sewing together his Dresden frame today (during my Friday afternoon Sewing Together zoom with Patty and Barbara). Hope to finish it tomorrow. 

Meanwhile all the plastic shoeboxes filled with fat quarters are sitting every where in my sewing area. No job worth doing is worth finishing, apparently. :P Gotta get back to clearing away the mess and tidying up. I bought a rolling cart at IKEA last week? month? to help with that - gotta put it together and install some order! :)

Every day has a pattern now - sleep, wake, eat/read, sew, cook, read some more, play solitaire, sleep. All the other happenings fit into the open areas between those activities. Not the pattern I had thought I'd use in retirement but it seems to suit me.

:) Linda 


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