Pleasant is a very old-fashioned name. The only person I've ever known of, personally, to bear that name is the lady who started Pleasant Company, to make American Girl Dolls. :) I'm sure there were a number of worthy Quaker and/or Pilgrim ladies with that name, too, but I don't know any. 

The weather here in the Balt-Wash region has been incredibly pleasant for the past couple of days - mid 70s to 80s in temperature, blue sunny skies and breezes. We did have a day of outright rain, mostly heavy with some thunder and lightning thrown in occasionally, on Saturday. I expect the grass and trees are happy about all that! I finally took my few houseplants out onto our back deck for the summer - they enjoy the boost in growth in the free air (on the north - therefor shady - side of our house). 

Things have been mostly quiet here. I did have a glorious outing last week on Friday. The Quilt Vine in Trappe, MD is closing (the owner wants to retire) and three of us (myself, Barbara and Polly) went out there to shop their sales. This required crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which is a major bottleneck for traffic journeying shore-ward. 

We had lunch at a very nice place in Trappe, Coffee Trappe. Built in an old bank, they had good food and a lovely staff. :) On our way home, we stopped at Bonheur Pie & Ice Cream in Easton. Talk about tasty!! I had a single scoop of butter pecan with dark chocolate shell. Delicious! 

The Quilt Vine itself was pretty busy - I heard the clerk say they were really slammed on Thursday (the first day of the sale). I managed to stick to buying some fat quarters and a nifty pattern for a crab-themed quilt. Polly found some real treasures including several great background prints. Barbara and I had a huge laugh at ourselves - she tried to find some things that Patty was looking for but none were to be had ... so we found a butterfly print in the scrap tidbits bin and bought it as a consolation. Both Barbara and I saw butterflies on the print ... Polly saw puppy dogs and we teased her about needing her glasses to shop ... until we took a good look at the print and realized that Polly was RIGHT and we were deluded:


Mind you, this little bit is about 2" square, folded as it is. We had a huge belly laugh on ourselves over it. :)

The BEST part was just being out with friends! Been so long since we could go out day-tripping together. I'd have been happy to just ride and chatter. Happy sighs! :)

Things are hot at the Space Telescope this weekend - Skip is working about twice as many hours as usual this week. Hope they settle down, soon. I think he's getting closer to thinking about retirement - he says his stamina is not up to full time work any more (and his sleeping cycles are kind of messed up).

I started in on sorting out my fabrics and boxing them into the cartons (shoe box sized plastic bins) I bought at IKEA last week. I'm at that stage where your mess covers twice as much space as it did before you started. :) Another day or two should be good to finish it and I can move on to sorting out my projects. Happy times. :P

I did manage to finish the spiderweb block for the Haunted mystery:


Yesterday I took a (Zoom) class with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession (in Sydney, Australia) on Organic Applique (her most recent book) which I REALLY enjoyed. Love her color sense!

:) Linda


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