Behind the Din


“Do things for people not because of who they are or

what they do in return, but

because of who you are.”

                    Rabbi Harold Kushner


This has been my philosophy for treating fellow humans most of my adult life. My husband who swears he is _not_ a 'people-person' taught me to respect others and take into account their foibles. Good lessons. :) Without him, I expect I'd be more gruff with others.

I have been doing things but slowly, slowly. We have moved from late spring into real summer weather here in Maryland with hot days (well, by Alberta standards - 90 degrees F is just warm by local standards:). 

I had a zoom workshop with a Canadian quilter/designer last week (learning to make improvisational Economy blocks) and she was panting with the heat (of 90:). 'Course, no air conditioning up there - very, very few houses here exist without a/c; generally they are much older (pre-WWII).

The 17 year cicadas are still humming loudly on any day when it doesn't rain. My car windows look like I've been driving through the midwestern farm country - lots of bug splats. :P Every day there is a new layer of dead ones on my front step/walk.

Much of the sewing I've been doing has been for making gifts, so I won't share any of that until the gifts are given. I did make both the May (late!) and June blocks for my Stash Bee hive (#4):

MayblockThis was the May block - I enjoyed making this one. I was thinking this might be a good block for my guild drawing as it uses scraps really well.


This was Carrie's chosen block as the June Queen. I enjoyed this one, too, since I'm such a Halloween lover. :) I was tempted to make an aqua pumpkin like the ones Farmer Frank (who bought my Mom's farm) raises ... but decided to do the traditional (had more orange scraps:). You can see one here

I also finished the embroidery for the third Halloween mystery block last night. Here's the state it is in now - still have to add the Dresden framing:

SpiderwebLike my spider? That's the special orange edition belly color. :)

This week marks our household's transition back to 'normal' life. All three of us are fully vaccinated so I told Hugh and Skip they had to go back to doing the grocery shopping in person (we've been having our food bought and delivered by Instacart since the local area Covid surge last November). 'Course, Hugh felt unwell today and I ended up going shopping with Skip ... in 92 degree weather. I am so spoiled - the heat was really hard to bear after all this time indoors. :P Gotta go outside more!

I have to drive up to the White Marsh area (north east of Baltimore) tomorrow for a nutritionist appointment (bariatric surgery prep) ... and am thinking of stopping by IKEA (about a mile from the medical offices). We'll see how the drive goes and whether my physical energy holds out. :)

One of my favorite quilt stores - Quilt Vine, out on the eastern shore - is shutting up shop soon. They are having a closing sale so Barbara, Polly and I are planning to go there on Friday to browse. The shop has lots of wonderful modern fabrics and great patterns ... mostly I am looking forward to having a day out with quilting buddies!

:) Linda


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