Fireworks Plus

Hot July!

“Youʼre under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.”

— Alan Watts


I don't know whether the weather this July is worse (or better) than last year - I just know it is HOT and HUMID outside. Sigh. I tend to get cabin fever in the summer because I stay in so much. The winter weather here in Maryland is easier for me to bear than the summer. I can always wear more clothing to stay warm in winter but it is difficult to take my skin off when I'm too hot. :) I should complain - if that is the worst thing life has to hand me, I live on Easy Street! :)

My sense of time is still on Covid-float ... the days roll past and I do pretty much the same from one to the next. Today I did something different. I drove my friend Patty to Reisterstown to renew her driver's license at that area's DMV office (where she could get an appointment). I took the easy way out and stayed in the car while she dealt with the bureaucracy and got her new Real ID driver's license. She gave me a lovely two yard chunk of Hoffman 1892 batik ('watercolor' in pale blue) for my trouble.

I had an immediate use for the yardage - as a background for my Earth Made Paradise project. 2 yards won't be enough for the entire quilt but it will make a lovely central body for the medallion. I spent the time during this evening's (zoom) modern guild sit & stitch meeting putting the first border on the center of my quilt. Feeling my way at each stage, like I did with the Aboriginal medallion quilt. Fun!

Yesterday I went to bed really pleased with myself. I finished my fabric covered book project yesterday evening! Ali Manning of the Handmade Book Club led a five day challenge to create this book and I was very pleased to finally take the plunge and work along. Here's my book (there are lots of mistakes - as anyone of you who is a book maker can tell, I'm sure - but it is finished and I can use it:).


Book front

Book back

Book open

Book spine

In a way this was an up-cycling adventure, too. The cover fabric (designed by Laurel Burch) was given to me as a freebie by a fellow quilt guild member. The book board used for the covers was recycled from a broken log book I had (the original was spiral bound and the wire was broken and mangled). The pages were recycled from a school essay paperback book. As you can see, the pages are grid paper (4 to the inch). I will use this book as a maker's journal for my various fabric and fiber projects. :)

Another paper arts project that I finished recently was making four swap pockets to trade with a fellow paper artist named Lydia in California (the swap was arranged by the Handmade Book Club leaders). I thought I would share the pockets I made today and the ones Lydia sent to me maybe in my next post. The idea behind these pockets (which are made from single sheet of paper and then embellished/filled) are that they can be tipped into (added) another book, scrapbook, or other paper project. :)

Far east front

Far east back

Ballet front

Ballet back

Sewing front

Sewing back

Vintage front

Vintage back

I haven't done anything I would call 'creative' for a while. It was a real joy to sit and dream these things up and then make them to my imagination. :)

Summer rolls onward. I have quilts to make and things to do before I sleep.

;) Linda


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