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Embroidery August

August_Dachshund_applique_design_grandeOh, to be at the beach with this little guy! :) If you are a machine embroidery aficionado, you can click on the image above and go read how to buy it to make your very own surfing puppy. :)

August has been pretty pleasant, mostly, so far. There have been a few too-hot-for-me days (defined as over 94 degrees F, with humidity:). Since my sewing room is on the second floor of our house, it gets a bit warm on really hot days (despite our whole-house air conditioner and two fans in my area). That is almost certainly why I've been doing hand embroidery (which I can work on in my comfy chair downstairs in the coolth:). 

I did receive my first two Disappearing Rail Fence blocks from a fellow stash hive member this week: (thanks to J DeSantis)



I look forward to seeing the rest of my blocks come in the mail! This will be a bright, happy quilt.

Last Monday (the 9th) I spent a good bit of the afternoon stirring up dust in my bedroom while cleaning off my computer desk. Since my neck pain has eased (due to the series of steroid pills), I wanted to do two things - make room for a riser for my computer and clear space so my sweetheart could install my new computer. He bought me one of the first Apple M1 chip desktop computers to replace my very elderly iMac.

BeforenewThis is my cleaned and spiffy desk (with the old computer on it), waiting for the new hardware. I have not taken an 'after' photo, yet (bad me:) - too busy playing with the new tool. :) I is good to have the screen higher so my neck nerves don't get pinched!

The newest pattern in the Halloween mystery series came in the mail on Tuesday so I spent some time Wednesday evening during the modern guild's sip and sew zoom session tracing off the new pattern.

NewestI am liking this series so much, I finished the embroidery on my block by Friday evening:

Witches hatNow I have to piece together and applique on the oval Dresden frame to finish this block. I had fun doing the work on this one. :)

Besides the hat, I'm still trying to catch up with my chicken scratch embroidery blocks. I am almost finished with the next one - a pear. I am using yellow and pale green floss for this design (like a Bartlett pear:). I'll share a photo when it is finished.

I found myself collecting patterns on Pintrest this afternoon for chicken scratch designs. I guess in my back-brain I am adding to the quilt with some other motifs. I have an empty fabric book with available pages that I might sew some samples into, too. I like the idea of a stitch/motif sampler book for reference. :)

Otherwise, life is quiet (figuratively). We've had some rousing banging thunderstorms this week ... and my Sew&Tell stitch group met via zoom today (always makes me happy). Life is fine here in 21045.

:) Linda



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