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16 Cats

IMG_0148Early autumn weather has finally arrived in Maryland! I've been enjoying the days - moderate temperatures (low 70's to 80's), sunny skies with evening or overnight rainfall, and pleasant breezes. Here in the Baltimore/Washington region, I suffer through the hot, humid days of summer to enjoy this kind of fall loveliness. :)

Good grief - I have REALLY been slacking on writing my blog posts. Sigh. I plain have too many irons in the fire lately (as the saying goes). September is 'birthday month' - both my husband and son's birthdays are in late September (once upon a time so were my father's and my brother Alan's, both of whom are gone). It is back-to-school month, of course - my grandson O started in first grade this month. His first in-person school experience since kindergarten was spent being virtual. So far he seems to be enjoying the expansion in his life. :)

I also have a bit too much going on in my quilt making life. Besides my monthly Stash Bee blocks (which I am behind on), I joined a Halloween block exchange with members of Faithful Circle Quilters - 16 of us! Which means I am struggling to finish 16 of the same block design (almost done) - this accounts for the eponymous 16 cats title above; that's how I spent yesterday - cutting out, carefully, 16 black cats to fuse onto my chosen block design (to be revealed after the exchange happens on Oct. 9th:).

Then I have to add in my final preparations for the bariatric surgery (Oct 12th is THE date). I saw two doctors today and have two more to go (had one this past Monday already:). Etc, Etc.....

I seem to have lost whatever skill I developed at multitasking during my business career ... I drop tasks all over the place and have to pick things up and apologize/atone repeatedly. :P I am actually looking forward to my recovery/healing time from surgery as a quiet rest. LOL.

I did receive more blocks from my Stash Bee mates from my turn at Queen Bee in August (just being slow at recording them here):

IMG_0141 IMG_0143


I'm looking forward to working on this quilt ... later in the fall. :)

There have been some fun acquisitions for my stash, too, but I can't remember them all. I did get my copy of the new Jen Kingwell book today. I LOVE the cover quilt and really want to make it. The recipes inside sound yummy, too, but two things deter immediate experimentation - losing weight (minimize sweets you know:) and translating from 'British' style directions to American cooking standards. Later. :)

Will try to do better with posting - this is supposed to be my diary so gotta get back to recording my pretty much ordinary life. :)



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