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Lace exampleContinuing my fascination with the making of lace, this example is awe-inspiring, imho! If you click on the photo, you can go read about the making adventures of Agnes Herczeg, a Hungarian artist. Inspiring! :)

It has been half a month since I last wrote - my days are flowing past on an endless loop, feeling as though they change very little from one sunrise to the next. The weather is easing up, at least for this weekend, turning from excruciatingly hot to pleasantly warm and humid/rainy to breezy and drier. Hurricane Ida passed through earlier this week and dropped quite a bit of rain on us, but not nearly as damaging a downpour as happened farther north on this coast in New Jersey and New York (thank you Mother Nature!!). To give a small example of the wonderful weather this weekend, I've had my bedroom window open all day today (I usually only open it at night during the summer - and only then on nights when the temperature gets in the low 70s). :)

I have been doing a bit of embroidery for the past couple of weeks rather than very much sewing. I did finish my class project from the wonky improv class I took online two weekends ago - my Ode to Periodic Cicadas. I have to back the small quilt and finish it soon (it is intended as a gift for one of my grandsons:). I need to get back into my sewing room to work on some Halloween themed exchange blocks for a swap with local guild members soonest!

What has happened otherwise? Hmm... my dear friend Patty's husband Jim died somewhat suddenly and I went to his funeral. I had never attended a Catholic funeral and found it rather comforting, to my surprise. :) 

I've made a couple of shopping forays to favorite quilting haunts ... and had lunch out with my friend Barbara (at the Asean Bistro here in Columbia, where the food was as good as ever and the social distancing was excellent). 

Yesterday my friends Patty, Barbara and I got together in person at Barbara's house to sew all afternoon. It was truly wonderful - the weather was glorious so we sat in Barbara's basement sewing lounge, breathing the fresh air via her open patio door ... and I embroidered while Patty worked on a quilting box project using bright fabrics and Barbara jigsaw-pieced an unusual rail fence quilt top. Blissful!

Oh, I almost forgot, I gave B and P their (very!) belated birthday gifts while we were there. I made each of them a pincushion-with-extras. Some photos:

Barbara's - aqua colors:


Aquaback Aquafinished

Patty's - purple themed:




These were fun to make boro-style small pinnies, filled with walnut shells and lavender buds. :)

Off to relax on a cozy Saturday evening.

:) Linda


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