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Happy-birthday-to-me-10NO, not today but soon is my birthday. Somewhat like the proverbial 1950s housewife, this one ends with a '9'. :) I doubt I'll be getting a fancy chocolate cake either (will make me sick:). I"ll  have to wait and see, eh?

The weather has been quite pleasant so far this month though we have had a couple days of very wet grayness. The most difficult thing about November for me is the shortening day length. :P It gets dark long before I think it should this time of year. I always glory in the long evening hours of summertime and mourn them when they are gone!

Most of my attention is being taken up still with my healing journey. I am continuing to have periodic troubles with nausea. A lifetime of eating habits is having to be relearned oh so slowly. :P

I bought myself a copy of this book which arrived recently - I am reading it very slowly as there is only so much sadness my heart can process at once.

SjsThere are lots of opinions on either political side about the issues of racism in our society ... myself, having grown up in the south during the civil rights struggles of the 60s, I have personal memories - I never really understood what was going on as a child. I'm a pretty pragmatic person and had (still have) a hard time understanding the worldview that says one person is less deserving than another. Sigh. Having trained as a biological scientist and geneticist, we really are all human - all one species. Shrug.

My dear daughter sent me a birthday gift with plenty of shipping leeway this year. I got a beautiful book from her the day after the one above and have been slowly reading and cherishing it.

TravelsI am so enjoying the whole idea of keeping travel journals. I do keep a drawing journal as I travel (I have thought several times of doing this at home, too) and I have pages from many trips in the past. Of course, nowhere I travel is exotic (well, to me:) - Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, etc. To see beloved family members. :)

Tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty autumnal day. I hope to get out for at least a short walk around my neighborhood. I am planning to attend my modern guild's sew-in this weekend as well. Fun times!

:) Linda


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