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IMG_4830 (1)Do you know about Rachel Daisy and her jazzy quilts? :) If not, you are missing out on a whole lot of cheery! :) As a birthday gift to myself, I signed up for a Zoom class with Rachel (sponsored by a Florida shop called The Red Thread) ... and it took place this past Thursday afternoon, direct from Australia. I really enjoyed her teaching style and the class was great. :)

As usual, I was not particularly well prepared ... and had intended to just take notes as my energy level was pretty low. Cheerful faces and a great class vibe prompted me to take better-than-usual notes. I even learned a thing or two! Grin. I am eager to try out some of Rachel's ideas to make this Razzmatazz style quilt (see photo above). 

My class was a welcome change from the other events-of-note this past week. On Tuesday afternoon I had a post-operative appointment with my primary care physician (which went very well) ... he put me on continuous doses of heavy duty muscle relaxant for my neck pains for this week. Today was the last day of that regimen ... and, alas, the irruption has not quieted so the next likely prescription is a shot of cortisone into my neck's spinal column. :P I've done that before and it does work ... so can't complain, I guess.

Friday afternoon I had my five week post-op appointment with the surgeon. I have to say I really like this guy (Dr Christopher You) - he listens well and responds promptly to all my questions which always pleases me (trust me, I've had way too much experience with non-listening doctors). My weight loss is two pounds more than the statistical expectation at this stage, so that is good. He had some good advice for me on how to avoid the recurring nausea ... and dragged in his dietician to give me a great thirty minute discussion about what to add to my diet to increase my protein intake. All together (except for the hour-long drive each direction to his office) a satisfying meeting, again.

The weather had been fairly mild - mid 40s to 50s during the day though a bit too windy for my taste, and mostly sunshiny. My Japanese maple trees turned color to the brilliant red they express every autumn - the only time of year our house has any kind of flashy 'curb appeal.' LOL.

Other than my razzy class sewing, I'm still doing hand embroidery when I have the energy to do anything at all. I am almost done with the last block for the Halloween mystery project. Time to finish making the wonky Dresden frames for the unfinished blocks and think about a setting arrangement.

Birthday is getting closer.

:) Linda


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