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Dec. 4th - WIPEOUT



Today was a day spent with friends. My favorite kind of day! :) As is usual for Friday afternoons, Patty and I met with Barbara at her house (I almost wrote 'new house' but she's been living there four years now:). Barbara had decorated with her Christmas tree (Patty helped, apparently:) and lots of lovely tchotchkes with a Noel theme. Very pretty! 

I took along a bin filled with bits to finish my English paper pieced cicada ... which is destined to be appliqued onto a quilt top intended for my oldest grandson. :) Probably the most intricate EPP design I've ever made - certainly the one with the most parts! Here is how it started:


I had made most of the right wing already but put the thing on hold due to boredom with the procedure. Gotta get it done, though - I have too much time invested to trash the whole idea. :) You can see part of the body peeking out from behind my pattern drawing (needed to keep things aligned as I construct things - so far only glue basted together). I finished the first wing and then tackled the second one. I don't know that I would have persevered if not for the pleasant company to distract me while I worked on it!


This shows the first wing a bit closer. As you can see, there are a lot of (non) moving parts to this bug.


Here is the entire first wing completed and attached. By the time I got the second wing constructed and glued in place, I was so tired of the thing I forgot to take a photo. Grin. Now I have to decide whether to sew all the parts together by hand or machine. THEN it has to be appliqued onto the quilt top. Making quilts is a long process and each step has to be celebrated (or you wait a really long time for the tadas!).

The weather was very gray and chilly today. It looked like rain the entire day. Poor Skip admitted to me that he was too depressed to go grocery shopping (usually he and my son go about every 10 days or so) ... and asked me to order online. So, after I got home from Sewing Together and had dinner, I sat down to the iMac and perused BJs order form. We got our delivery around 7:30 p.m. which I thought was pretty prompt. YEAH! I did the dishes today, too (before going off to sew) ... good housewife gold star for the day, I guess. LOL.

Felt sick to my stomach again after eating dinner. Slow, slow improvement. Sigh.

:) Linda 


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