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Twice before I've taken part in Cheryl Sleboda's post-every-day-in-December challenge ... and thought I would try again this year. It helps me get through the darkness of the early winter season. No pressure - if I miss a day for some reason, I won't beat myself up over it ... I'll just pick up with posting again. :)

Yesterday I turned over a new leaf and began what I hope will become a regular pattern of behavior. On alternate days I have decided to choose an area 40" wide or so in my house to clean/declutter/spiff up. I started in the kitchen as we all spend quite a bit of time there ... yesterday I cleaned/cleaned out our refrigerator. Sure looked nice and shiny white with clean veggie drawers when I opened it to find breakfast this morning! :) The deal (with myself) is that on alternate days I am allowed to just sew/knit/embroider/craft as I want, without guilt. 

Today was my 'sewing' day ... so I made blocks for Kristen of the StashBee (these were _supposed_ to go to her by the end of November, so I am admittedly LATE). Here's what I made for her:





I packed them up and will put them in the mail tomorrow when I go out. YEAH! This is the last mailing I am obliged to do for StashBee this year ... and I sat on my hands to avoid joining for this coming year. I am determined to spend 2022 on my personal health and goals. (gritting my teeth)

The weather has finally convinced me to give in and wear my winter coat ... it has been chilly to downright cold here and mostly gray. Not my favorite time of year, to say the very least.

I started a new knitting project to keep my hands busy (am between embroidery workings). I have been cherishing a five skein set of merino sock yarns I bought some time ago ... they range from dark blue gray to dark plum, light plum, dark blue and soft gold. I hope to make this simple cowl so the colors run nicely. I had to consult my research buddy DuckDuckGo today to find a tutorial for an i-cord cast on. Eventually I will do an i-cord bind-off, too. I thought the i-cord edgings might give the cowl some stability. (fingers crossed). I am using this easy pattern. I decided to start with the blue gray yarn ... so far, so good. :)

Tomorrow my work area is the stove/cupboards. Wish me luck?

:) Linda


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