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My Sewing Space?

535_straightCheryl's prompt for today's post is 'sewing space.' Hah! I am an organizationally challenge person (in non-politically-correct speech that translates as MESSY) and my sewing area shows it. My current sewing-at-home machine is a Bernina 535 which my husband bought for me as a 60th birthday present. My former machine, a B1090, now lives with my daughter; I used it for 26 or so years thanks, again, to my husband. His policy on buying tools is 'buy the best you can possibly afford so your tool won't limit your ability.' Works for me! :)

The room my machine lives and works in is one of the smaller bedrooms in our home. It used to be my son's (before he moved into the larger one formerly occupied by his sister) and still has several of his possessions in it. There is also about half a room full of 'stuff' we brought home from my quilt store when we closed it up - that I still have not gone through. Sigh. Nina sits on a drop-in table and within arm's reach there are my commonly used tools and most of my fat quarter collection. The rest of my stash is shoved into corners here and there throughout the house (I am in sore need of a serious clearing-out!) and is mostly lost to me. Not enough strength or energy to tackle that problem, yet. :P

I used to make my own clothes - came to quilt making from garment making - but have not done so in years. So-called fast fashion is so much cheaper I lost the desire (in the face of family making busy-ness). I am coming back to wanting to sew for myself, though. I have learned a bit about fitting over the years - enough to feel brave about making muslins from desired patterns and then fitting them to myself. I have ZERO experience with knit fabrics and that is what I most like to wear .. so that learning hurdle will have to be overcome at some point. :)

My sewing space has a wall of windows (well, half-windows as they don't go to the floor) and is nicely lit on sunny days. Could use more lighting for work ideals but I haven't decided on just how to tackle that. Most probably I will buy standing lamps as the room does not have overhead fixtures. Our house was built ('springing up like mushrooms' comes to mind) in 1974 and is, um, pared down in style. :)

I have a picture in my mind of how I'd like the room to look ... but it means work and energy I don't have right now. :P  I have tried looking at 'decorating' ideas for sewing areas but many of their suggestions seem ... odd to me. Take a look at these. I don't need a BEAUTIFUL place, I need a FUNCTIONAL room with good organization. :P

We had some sunshine today which I enjoyed briefly before falling asleep in my comfy armchair in the living room. Slept from about 2 until 5 ... which put paid to cleaning the oven area of the kitchen today. Guess I'm either still healing or I didn't sleep well last night. Shrug. Will tackle the kitchen this weekend at some point.

:) Linda


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