Sunshine and Bureaucracy
The Cold Wind Doth Blow

Cold, Windy!

First flowerMy holiday amaryllis has started to bloom! Since I took this photo a second flower has opened. I do so love the bright color in the midst of this gray, cold, windy winter weather. :P

I needed to do two errands out today ... and was freezing the whole time. I am definitely getting spoiled by the 'warm' weather here in Maryland and am losing (have lost?:) my cold tolerance. There was a high temperature of 27 degrees F today ... not sure what the wind chill factor was but it was _cold_! I wore a sweater under my coat and still felt chilled as I drove around town.

I stopped at JoAnn's ETC to pick up some watercolor paper I ordered from their website (to make a new art journal with) ... and was annoyed that even though the website said 'curbside' pickup I had to go into the store to retrieve my purchase. Sigh. I also had to go through the drive up at Walgreens to pick up two prescriptions (routine meds). 

I did manage to stand the weather long enough to turn our two cars around in the driveway - we only have a carport (open-sided), not a garage. We keep the Jeep there and the Bolt in the driveway so my husband does not have to extract the more efficient commuting car to go to work (the Bolt is an all-electric vehicle and way, way more energy efficient). Since Wednesday the Jeep has been outermost in our driveway because of my surgeon's 3 month post-surgical appointment (at the same time as my husband was at work with the Bolt:). 

What I did not do while I was outside was refill the two bird feeders. Poor little thistles will be hungry unless there are other feeding stations around the neighborhood. Sigh.

I managed to finish another embroidery block Thursday night:

Star centerThis is the star block center embroidery, done with a silk floss (shiny!:).

Star finishedI embroidered the star points with a rainbow variegated Sashiko thread similar to perle cotton.

On Friday afternoon at Barbara's house I cut up three shabby 100% cotton shirts of my husband's, none of them good enough for charity, to make background 'scraps'. Then I started another Chicken Scratch block, called Five Diamonds. So far, so good - I'm about 60% finished with the new block. Photos when it is done. :)

Hugh and I made a very good beef stew in the crock pot yesterday ... we've all been eating the leftovers today. Yum!

:) Linda


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