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Busy Times

NTaXBJt4S1imTnbAGMjG_8I had a pretty intense weekend this past time - my handmade book club had a three day virtual retreat, led by Rosann Whale, with two different books to make and then illustrate. It was called Seasons Gatherings and I enjoyed it although it pushed me beyond my usual comfort limits in several ways. Typically I don't write my deep personal feelings down very often ... maybe from a sense of extreme privacy, maybe from having to keep my opinions to myself for so many business-owning years, maybe from simple avoidance. Who knows (shrug)? Anyway, quite a bit of this workshop was making an art journal that included some deeply personal soul searching ... definitely got into my uncomfortable areas. 

I will be working on finishing up the two books for a while but probably won't share what I've done here until they are finished. Today I started working again on the next lesson in my Creating Art at the Speed of Life journal. I also went to my Baltimore modern guild's Quilting With Friends zoom on Saturday afternoon (try not to miss those:). By the time the Faithful Circle zoom came on Saturday evening I was totally zoomed out! (FCQ would have been my fourth zoom for Saturday.)

I also spent quite a bit of my non-zooming time working on finishing up the next design section of my Chicken Scratch embroidery - the retro-50s coffee pot. This might be hard to see in the photo since it is essentially black and (mostly) white:

Entire potCan you make out the coffee pot? The handle is on the right and the spout on the left above. :) You might have to embiggen the photo to tell.

Pot closeHere is the 'snowflake' motif on the pot's side. This is not my favorite of the ones this quilt has featured so far.

I am finally getting near the end of this project. I _think_ there are only three more sections to go. I am about 2/3s of the way done with a small star block tonight. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.

Today was kind of busy. I had to take my son, Hugh to the local Amazon return hub (which happens to be inside the new Whole Foods market in downtown Columbia) to return the motherboard we were shipped from Amazon. We ordered a NEW one and they sent a REFURBISHED one. No go!

Then I went out again an hour or so later to get my annual mammogram. That is not a pleasant experience, to say the least. It never has bothered me a lot in the past ... maybe my achy tummy is affecting the rest of my body? Grumpy. :)

On the way home from the radiology clinic I dropped off a bunch of fabrics and donated blocks to a fellow guild member who has volunteered to make charity quilts from the block of the quarter materials I have been collecting for Faithful Circle for the past year. Whew! A task I am happy to be passing onward - still drafting/writing the patterns.

On the whole, it was a successful day today. Chilly but sunny outdoors. Busy, Busy!



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