Sunshine and Oddities
Winter Gatherings


Winterbirds_origThese are the kinds of birds coming to my feeders today. We have at least one pair of cardinals who travel closely together that come daily ... and a cloud of little song sparrows (LBJs in bird watcher's lingo - little brown jobs:). The wind was back to blowing today but the sun shone a little. Then it go heavily clouded though we did not get the predicted snowfall. (whew!)

I got to talk to my niece Stephanie for quite a while this morning. We are still exploring alternative housing solutions for my two remaining siblings. Sniff. Amy got called away to her daughter's school for some reason and could not chat with us.

I spent most of today (with the exception of one household chore done) working on my 30 day art journal project and my embroidery panels. I decided to go back to revisit yesterday's art exercise on monochromatic color schemes to see if I could do better. I chose hot pink and sky blue as my hues (still could not settle on just one 'favorite' colorway:). Here's what I made:

LeftpgFirst I watercolored the background paper with hot pink Inktense pigments, then I collaged papers in the blue family on that background. Oh, and four pieces of pretty fabric from my friend Barbara.

RightHere I water colored the background with an intense sky blue, then applied the collage papers in the pink colorway.

TwopgHere are my two pages together in the journal. I liked the quote from Russell and am glad I included it.

I had a good time making these two pages - moving pigments around and playing with print texture/color are among my favorite activities. :)

In the late afternoon I went back to my embroidery. I finished up the flower panel:


FlscloseAn overall and a close up photo of the 'flower' pattern. I quite like this one - could make a very pretty table runner with this design.

I decided to make another, smaller panel during the rest of the afternoon. This was _supposed_ to be a lemon pattern (according to the designer) but I chose to make mine a plum. :) I finished it just after supper.

PlumSo, on the whole, a productive day today! I did not go outside my doors at all ... but it looks damp and dreary outside so that is probably for the best. :)

Tomorrow is Sewing Together with my friends Barbara and Patty. Fun!

:) Linda


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