First Weekend
Bleak MidWinter?

Snow and Aftermath

Web_a1_3764_2_dark-eyed-junco_jocelyn_anderson_kk_0Today I saw these birds at my feeder, in addition to the usual song sparrows and such. Juncos are cute little birds that show up here in Maryland in the winter (we are the 'south' they visit to escape winter starvation:). On Monday (yesterday), it snowed most of the day. Heavy, wet snow - we got about 4" here at my house and variable amounts in this region depending on location. The storm came from the south and traveled eastward - the Eastern Shore got pretty heavily hit, I hear.

Here are the photos I took of my yard (while it was still snowing):

DoorfeederStanding on my front door step, looking into our front yard and across the cul de sac. The snow was heavy enough to close the feeding ports; Skip had to knock it off with a stick to get seeds available for the birds.

FeedernookThe second seed and suet feeder location, buried inside the bushes in front of my living room doors. Notice how heavy and clumping the snow is on the boughs.

YewThis is the large yew bush just to the left of our front door (looking outward), weighed down by snow.

The birds came to our feeders continuously during the day on Monday. Flocks of them! Four or five woodpeckers at a time ... even the sparrows were dipping into the suet. Jucos hoping about on the ground as well as at the seed feeder. I filled the tube feeder late on Sunday evening. By sundown on Monday it was completely empty - usually takes the birds two days to eat that much (without snow and cold for urgency:). I re-filled the feeder this morning and they have been eating heavily again - mid20s for a high temperature is kinda tough on little song birds!

I got an email just before lunch today from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles, cancelling my appointment for this afternoon (my planned 'big outing' for today). I have to renew my driver's license and get my Real ID issued. At least I managed to find my papers last night! Amazing what one keeps - my birth certificate, both social security cards (maiden and married names) and my voter's registration card were all saved away in my desk drawer. The last place I thought to look for them. LOL.

I startled myself by falling asleep after I ate my lunch - I had expected to do some housework in the kitchen in the early afternoon but my body had it's own agenda. Sigh. Stayed warm and cosy under two lap quilts, though, in my comfy chair. When I woke up around 3 pm, Hugh and I started in on cooking a new-to-us recipe. He agitated for trying to make deep dish Chicago style pizza ... so I ordered the assorted ingredients on Monday and we set in this afternoon. 

Made the crust from scratch ... then simmered the sauce, cooked up onions, sweet peppers and organic Italian style sausage for filling ... assembled and baked the pizza. While it cooked (and then cooled), Hugh and I watched the first episode of Foundation on Apple+TV. I read Asimov's books (three? book series) mega years ago - and remember the basic plot but have forgotten the details. Probably the best state for watching a re-make, eh? :)

I was impressed with the sets, costuming, casting and all on first watching. I did get a giggle out of some of the casting - actors I'm used to seeing in villainous roles cast as heroes. :) I look forward to the next episode. My daughter called while we were watching but we didn't chat for long - they had snow, too, but not as much as we did. Other side of the storm (she's in south-central Wisconsin).

Here's how the pizza came out:

PizzaI don't have a 12" circular baking pan so we made do with a 9"x13" casserole dish. This was very, very tasty! I quite liked our results - we put this recipe into our household files for a repeat. :) I even managed to cut a piece the correct size for my stomach (though figuring out how many calories/nutrients it contained was not so easy). to the rescue!

Now I'm going to finish this post and spend some time watching the rest of the Underground documentary on Curiousity Stream and do some more chicken scratch embroidery. I managed to get in 3 hours of work yesterday - I'll be happy with 20 or 30 minutes today. :) At least I figured out (with Skip's help) how to recharge my necklight's battery so I can see what I'm doing! 

Oh, here's how the embellishing threads will look on the panel I am embroidering now:

EmbellishmentPretty flowers, eh?

:) Linda


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