Bleak MidWinter?
Cold, Windy!

Sunshine and Bureaucracy


Everyone and her sister, cousin and grandmother were at the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles office in Columbia this afternoon. :P My driver's license came up for renewal on my birthday this past November ... sadly, the MVA did not send me a notice of that until sometime in midDecember. The MVA is only doing renewals (and anything else) by appointment right now (to keep the Covid rate down, in theory).

So, I made an appointment, then another one when the first one was snowed out ... and finally got into the office this afternoon. After, of course, finding my birth certificate and two proofs of residence ... and maybe some other papers? How quickly I try to forget!! I got there ten minutes before my putative appointment time. 

Yes, everyone was masked ... but there were beaucoup bodies there! There were seven 'appointments' scheduled for my time (and only 8 windows with clerical help operational). Slow barely begins to cover the issues. I'm glad I wore an N95 mask instead of my more-usual cotton fabric one. :P

Once I got to the window, it only took about 5 minutes to accomplish the renewal (including payment). They gave me a paper renewal notice and the new 'placard' will come in the mail in 'about a week' according to the clerk. No more producing the thing on the spot the way they used to do I guess.

Today had nice sunshine but it was COLD by my admittedly Maryland-tamed-down standards - the high for today was 27 degrees F. Brr! Skip drove me to the MVA office which is maybe three miles from our house (I did not want to get a ticket for driving myself there unlicensed:). 

Since my birdseed bin was running down to the last sunflower mote, I ordered more for curbside pickup this afternoon ... along with two more blocks of suet-with-insects for the 'meat eating' birds (mostly the woodpeckers). I figured to pick this up after our jaunt to MVA. Of course, we both forgot to stop there ... so I got back in the car after dropping Skip off at home and went on my own to Mother Nature's Store where I buy my seed. Luckily I can easily carry 20 pounds of black oil sunflower seed (I generally buy this in 40 pound bags but they were out of that size). 

Eating is still a challenge in that I often hurt or have a feeling of general malaise after I eat ... and I have no particular appetite. :P I did order groceries today (twice - from BJs Food Warehouse and then from Wegmans) so our larder is full. Was somewhat startled to discover that two different shopper/delivery people thought 'corned beef' meant deli sliced sandwich meat and not the brisket I intended to slow cook. Guess not many people cook any more?

I have done very little reading or computer screening today ... decided to try working on another chicken scratch block using ecru silk floss instead of white perle cotton for the skeleton stitching. Shiny! Don't have a lot of this floss so I'm thinking I will probably only get two blocks out of it. Scrappy is my style, luckily. :)

I also got a new book delivered today (I wanted more Clover-style pin clips and, of course, I impulse bought a new book to save shipping costs). There was method to my (temporary) madness, though:


I really like Charm Packs - something fun about all those pretty squares of a given fabric collection. I have a number of them wanting to be sewn into quilts ... and I did not feel like thinking too hard for this task, hence the pattern book.



I like most of the designs in this book but this particular one really caught my eye as I scanned through the text. I won't use a black background (too harsh for my taste) but might choose dark purple, green or navy. :)

Tomorrow I have my three month post-surgery appointment with the doctor/surgeon. Will be interesting to hear what he has to say about my blood work (I expect to be deficient in some vitamins as I am still having trouble remembering to take them regularly). The appointment means two hours of commuting time, of course, which I definitely do not look forward to. :P

:) Linda


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