A Few More Rays

Sunshine and Oddities

Istockphoto-1023476960-1024x1024I had a very odd experience this evening. My modern guild in Baltimore has a Wednesday evening Zoom meeting (Sip&Stitch:) which I was attending ... when suddenly my computer made a loud FZZZT! noise and the screen looked like that lovely pixelated mess above ... and the Zoom was history. Then the computer spontaneously rebooted itself. What the??? My son laughed and said it looked like my video card went belly-up but, luckily (fingers crossed!!) it all seems to be ok now. Massive shoulder shrugs here.

Today was not as cold as it has been (high in the upper 40s) as the wind was not blowing. There were occasional peeks of sunshine, even. :) I had a doctor's appointment (routine) in the early afternoon so I got a bit of extra walking in today and soaked up some extra photons. Yeah! :) I have to go back for some routine blood tests and my doctor said the next time he sees me (in the spring) we will be talking about changing the dosages on my meds due to my weight loss. More cheers!

According to that office's scale, I have not lost any weight since my surgeon's appointment last week. Maybe I have landed on one of those notorious 'plateaus'? That happened several times when I was on the Nutri-system diet several years ago. Eventually my body will give up and start losing again. Sigh.

I spent some time this morning (before my outing) working on exercise #4 from Creating Art. It was supposed to be another exploration into analogous color - the starting instruction was to choose my favorite color. Well, that set me off as I cannot pick just one! :) Like deciding which if my children I love best. Snort. So I chose my favorite analogous color combo - red into blue via purple. :)

Here's my two page spread and then each page separately:

Two pages

Left pageAs I worked on this page I got distracted playing with the various Inktense colors in my tin box and totally wandered away from the analogous color scheme.

Right pageHere I made a face drawing (LOVE this technique I learned during the New Year's creative class) and built a small paper collage using some of the scraps I picked up from Photoscraps yesterday.

I enjoyed playing with the pigments again. One part of each exercise is assessing what you liked and did not like about your work ... and what you might try if you did it again. Useful to think about. :) I like that I am giving myself permission not to be perfect ... and to make whatever bobbles/mistakes/errors in judgement happen. The point of the exercise really is to learn by doing. :)

I am spending time this evening working on my chicken scratch embroidery again. In today's mail box delivery came the balls of white Perle cotton I ordered for finishing my blocks ... so I went back to working on the 'five diamonds' design I had semi-finished before. Hopefully I can complete that (and photograph it) by tomorrow this time.

:) Linda


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