Cold, Windy!
A Few More Rays

The Cold Wind Doth Blow

MGoose_1Lots of cold winds blowing here - last night all the way to tonight! The wind is rattling the panes in their frames and I put out extra food for the little birds to ward off the chill. Brr! As absolute cold goes, Maryland never approaches my memories of winter in Wisconsin (forty years ago - my daughter tells me it is not as cold there now) ... but windchill eats the heat from any body. Shiver!

I've mostly had a quiet day today. I spent some time on exercises one and two from Creating Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker. I made the watercolor paper journal this weekend to keep my exercises in and started on them today. In theory, this will be 30 days worth of art play ... but I may not do them every day. I am just enjoying playing with color and paper. :) Here's what I made (each of these pages is about 5.5"x7.5" in size):


Here I painted a color wheel from just red, blue and yellow watercolors (I used Inktense blocks for my pigments). I mixed the secondary colors (orange, green and ... hey! I just noticed no purple! Drat!) from the primary pigments. The wheel itself was painted and then glued onto the color-washed background page.


The exercise here was to make a random color word image. I interspersed the words with nature images.

I had fun doing these two pages. More in the future for sure. :)

I have also been working on the next embroidery block for my Chicken Scratch block of the month project. This one is called something like Posies. Just starting in on the second of three 'flower' star shapes:

Posie in progressThe first 'flower' is two colors of purple - a grape-y tone and a softer lavender one. The second flower (maybe you can just barely see the inside of my hoop on the right) is orange and purple. I think the last one will be brighter still ... but that color play is postponed until another day. :)

While I do my embroidery, I am watching a new-to-me animated series on Netflix called Arcane. I am really enjoying it - the art work is beautiful, the story line interesting and the music awesome. What's not to like? :) When I don't watch that, I'm viewing nature documentaries on Curiosity Stream. :)

Tomorrow I have two big chores to tackle - I have to dig out and organize my sewing space's repository of blocks/scraps set aside for the charity project at Faithful Circle (one of my two quilt guilds) ... and I have to tackle the Office of Aging here in Howard County to ask for advice on housing my brother who needs to be in assisted living. :P Wish me luck!?

:) Linda


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